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Should every home actually have a pet?

I think that every home should have a pet if you have the time and responsibility to care for the pet properly. I see so many dogs being given away on Facebook yard sale pages because people figured out too late that they can't handle the responsibility of having a pet in the home. Pets add a lot to our lives like love, friendship, companionship, exercise capability, and physical comfort. 


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Having pets is like having children: not all people should. 

At the same time, pets are transformational creatures who usually make humans better animals. It would be ideal for every home to have at least one pet, but as some other commentators have rightly pointed out, there are several conditions that should be met before assuming such responsibility.

Like children, pets require and sometimes demand care (some more expensive than others).

If the person or family does not have adequate room, resources and time to monitor and provide for the pets, they should not have one. Besides, pets have personalities and sometimes, like with choosing a couple, that aspect should be considered at the time of having a pet. Noisy pets, for instance, are not going to get along with calm, private people.   

In countries like Venezuela where people are struggling to feed their children, a pet becomes a burden sooner or later. In a country where human medical care is almost non-existent and where finding or affording medicines is near miraculous, taking proper care of pets can be daunting.

Pet abandonment is ubiquitous in many areas and even thought most cases were driven by hardship and were done against the pets’ owners’ will, to see cats and dogs, for instance, eating from garbage and being beat up or even killed is a sad spectacle.

Under regular circumstances pets should be planned as we plan children. Children and the elderly can benefit greatly from sharing spaces with pets. Love giving and receiving, responsibility and interaction can be greatly improved thanks to pets. Of course, not all pets are suitable for all people. Unlike babies, of which we have a very limited range of options, with pets there are way too many possibilities depending on space, resources, personality, health issues, and tolerance.


Having a pet or owning a pet actually depends on the inhabitants of the particular home. There are some people who don't like to have pets due to the stress and difficulties they may encounter while some people love pets like cats, dogs and other animals because it makes them feel lively.

There are actually some factors to consider before you can own a pet. You should always ask yourself the below questions before you think of owning a pet.

1) Do you really love the pet?

2) Are you ready to take care of the pet?

3) Are you financially capable of feeding the pet?

4) Are you ready to undergo some little stress regarding your pet?

If you can answer those questions positively with sincere intention, I think you are capable of owning a pet. The most important thing is that it actually depends on you. If you love a pet and you are capable of owning a pet in your home, there is nothing bad in that.

In conclusion, it actually depends on you as an individual. If you love something you can go for it if you are capable of getting it.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I think it depends on the ability of the house owner. If a person just want to have a pet just for the sake of owning a pet, then I think it isn't really good. The pet would be neglected and won't be properly taken care of. There are people who love pets and it is something that is built inside. For these categories of people then it is great to have a pet..

There are some who are lonely and having pets at home would add some excitement for the home owners as they arrive home, they are greeted by their pets which can really boost their mood. Then also for those older people who need some assistance at home and would want a companion should have a pet.

I would love to get a pet dog but I don't really have anytime to take care of them as I am usually busy. However I have an aquarium full of pet fish which requires less attention. It is great to see my fishes grow up and in size and you get to pat them as they are really friendly. Koi fish. Dogs in the water.


To each their own...


It should depends on several factors just like if they can afford to have a pet and if they can be responsible pet owners.

Having a pet is not just like having a toy or something that you just like to show off to others. Having a pet is like having another member of your family that needs proper care and attention.

The location and built of your house should also be considered. It is because there are some areas where certain pets are not allowed.

Also if you are living in a very limited space, it could not be wise to have a pet especially if you cannot maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. It can cause health issues in the long run.


 Good question .

but i dont think every person like pet .And every family like pets.First i will say if any family like pets the n they have pet . But if they dont like pet its ok no need pet.Its sometimes depend on situation also.Some people have  sometimes elergy .And some people dont have time for care pet .If they have pet they cant take care thats why  i will they dont think pet will be happy for them .


I don't think it is needed but pets are generally awesome! 

Pets are awesome to befriend. They act natural with no pretentions. That's whats amazing about them, they always exercise what they felt. 

They can always be your stress reliever. Whenever you're tired, stressed or weary at work, you can always count on them to share happiness. A little bit of cuddle and your day becomes okay. Though that's selective, but most of the research says pets are stress-relievers.

That's why I want to raise pets! Since a child, I have been very close to cats and dogs. Soon, when the time comes and everything is okay - I'll gonna raise one. I prefer dog this time. 

PS : I'm missing someone who love dogs.


Caring for pets takes a huge amount of resources and time.

People should not have pets if they are not in a position give the pets the resources and time the pet requires.

People who do not spend the time to care for their pet essentially have a small animal that is suffering from neglect.

At any given time most people are not in a situation where they should have  a pet.  People who plan to travel or who are working long hours should not have pets. Pets are for people who have substantial leisure time and the money to spend on the care of an animal,.


No, it's not compulsory. The idea of having pets or a pet used to sound awkward to me until I had a different perception about it recently.

I think it's a beautiful and cool thing to have a pet at home. But more importantly to consider, is the financial implication and commitment that comes with owning one. And the emotional and psychology readiness as well.

Over a year ago, my uncle called me and told me that he had a convocation gift for me that I should turn up to pick it up. I was super excited and was eager to see what it was.

On arrival, my uncle presented me with a pet, a cat, by name called Brown. I was flabbergasted! Brown came out and was all over me, I felt quite uncomfortable by his presence though he was looking quite cute but I was having a scream 😱 of my life in my mind.

I spoke up and told my uncle that I don't like cats or dogs and that I was already feeling uncomfortable seeing Brown around me. And if I don't seem friendly to cat and have a phobia for them, I wasn't sure I was ready to take care of Brown or treat him right. So I politely solicited for an exchange, and he granted my wish, he kept Brown and later gave me another gift, not a pet.

What I'm trying to relate this with is that having a pet, asides the financial burden of having to feed them properly, you'll also be demanded to give them attention like a fellow human. You have to be compassionate towards your pet, to know when they fall sick, when they're hurt, when they need a pat or a cuddle, when they just wanna play, when they're aggressive, when they're hungry etc. You'll need to understand them.

And this is serious work. If you can't feed yourself and your family properly then I don't think it's reasonable for you to get a pet and increase the number of your family members.

If you have fear or a strong phobia for pet animals or for a specific pet animal then I don't think it's a really cool idea to own one. You may wake up one day and strangle it to death out of fear.

If you must own a pet in your home be ready to be responsible for it's welfare. If you don't have the time to look after them as well, make sure you have a family member that does or someone else that does so.

Thank you for reading.

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I don't think it's compulsory for every home to have a pet.

Having a pet entails a lot of responsibilities as you're undertaking to care for another living creature with needs (physical and emotional)

It's something that needs careful planning and dedication

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I personally think that a pet in a household is a good indication of a happy and healthy relationship among the family members. And I would say that my childhood won't be as happy as it was if we didn't have pets back then.

As a young kid, I used to play with our pets, from dogs to cats. Not only that it's fun but I believe it also taught me to be a responsible and caring person that served me well.

Not to mention, especially for kids, it would also help that they have companion whom they would play to and spend time together. The good thing about it is that the time they spent with pets is a time out from their gadgets, so it's a definite win!



No one “should” impose their ideals of what EVERY other person “should” do on others.

Entirely a matter of personal preference and individual choice.


A wide range of individuals have various types of necessities. Leading how about we begin with the conspicuous not every person needs a pet. 

A few people experience considerable difficulties dealing with their own youngsters and the exact opposite thing they require is a creature taking up their time.

 A few people are furious and damaging and may hurt their creatures in the event that they are having a terrible day. Others are additionally unreliable and may disregard or neglect to nourish their pet and they may bite the dust of thirst or starvation. 

The way that everybody has a pet will uncover these honest and defenseless creatures to a wide range of individuals, Even criminal who aren't protected. So offering pets to individuals who really need pets is the best course for everybody, Especially the pets themselves


this issue  is a matter of personal choice and an agreement between couples. having a pet can be a matter of necessity or a just luxury. but before i answer the question of if every home should own a pet in my own view, let quickly look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a pet.


1. having a pet at home helps in the reduction of stress at homes. it is believed that stroking of your cat pet can help you reduce stress and helps lower blood pressure

2. having a pet at home also goes a long way towards providing a permanent solution for loneliness or boredom.  pets helps makes an environment living when people are not around.

3. pets can also make u safe . if you have a dog as a pet, it could help guard your from threats and becomes your watch when you are not around. pets help save guard the owners life and property. 

4.pets are very loyal companion and they wont leave you in testing and difficult time. having a pet is having a friendship that is guaranteed to last for life. pets will stay with the owner through testing times and happy times.

5.  pets helps you keep fit and also helps improving of your immune system. by having a pet, you will want to walk with it once in a while this in turn could be an exercise for you too and it will build and develop a strong immune system against some certain illness.


1. having a pet at home will consume your money and time. firstly, you will use your hard earned money to get a pet at home and then you buy pets food and drugs and also try to make your pet feel comfortable and welcomed to its new environment. this requires a lot of time and money. and having a pet consumes both.

2. pets can be dangerous sometime and can harm the owner . the pet can turn on its owner anytime without warning and this could lead to the owner being in a very critical conditions that he or she may need a miracle towards savings. 

3. loosing a pet is like loosing a lover and this could be heartbreaking and the pain maybe very painful to bear and it may lead to negative consequences to the pet owner. 

4. the pets can be a nuisance to the environment in a long run. they maybe litter and make every littered. they may excrete any where at anytime.  they can even becoming very dirty and unclean to stay in an environment


if a couple could afford the, patience and finance to own a pet, they should go for it because it is much more advantageous having a pet around but it will always require a lot of sacrifices at first in helping the pet settles in a new environment. they after some time, the pet will be used to the environment and could make the couple life much more enjoyable

so my answer is YES,  every home should have a pet.