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Do you agree that sex without love/emotions is wrong?

Hmm.... Actually, majority of us always believe that love is all about sex. This isn't true even though sex may be an ingredient that strengthens the relationship but it doesn't sometimes depicts true love. True love is more than sex as it involves sacrifice, dedication and commitment to one's partner.

There are some people who may claim to love you even though they it may be a means of deception with the sole purpose of having sex with you. We just have to be very careful with the type of person we fall in love with because some people may not love us for who we are but they may claim to love us for what we have. This implies that some guys may actually claim to love a lady due to her physical appearance (curvy and sexy) all in the name of having sex with her. Such guys end up abandoning such lady after they've achieved their aim which is "sex".

This doesn't means that there shouldn't be sex in a love relationship. Sex is also important in relationships as it helps to strengthen the bond of love between the couple involved. We just have to be very careful not to fall in love with the wrong person so that we won't get "used and dump (abandoned). "

In conclusion, I don't see anything wrong in having sex with your lover provided the love is genuine and not fake. Sex will help to strengthen the bond of love in the relationship but we just have to be very careful about the type of person we fall in love with because some people may be deceiving us claiming to love us even though they don't. But they are doing this for their personal gain with the sole intention of having sex with us and leaving us when they are done with us.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Having intercourse is a sort of sexual discharge, Making love is a reason to reinforce a relationship or marriage with the methods for showing warmth towards your accomplice,

 Sex is simply transient fondness or fascination between two people, They don't need to fundamentally demonstrate any kind of feeling all through the demonstration


Sex without love, a physiological need satiated. Notion totally neglected by a prudish society. This need is not recognized, hence all the barriers raised in the name of a hypocritical morality.

Love without sex, platonic, a dimension is lacking, of course the filial love is of a different nature, but the platonic lacks substance.

Love and sex, there the cards are complete, the goal being that two entities make only one. We leave the animal function, and in addition the Platonic frustration is erased.