If you were to bring something back from the old times, what would it be?

Oh! If only once I could bring my Dad back from the past. How wonderful would be that!

My father passed away eight years ago. And as like many I had a beautiful relation with him. Living without him became so much painful for me. His every single moments lives in my memory. 

When his ultimate time came, I was long away from him and did not communicate with him for a day because of my work pressure. That's most hurt me. I felt guilty that I could not got the chance to take care of him at the very last moment. He had a brain stroke and taken to the Hospital. If only once I could say him good bye!

I could not let my pears know about the news. It was so hurtful for me. I could not bear the pain to look at his lifeless face. Oh! eight years, I am living eight long years without him!

Writing this answer also made me cry. But I think he is much more in better condition now, where he is now. All this world problems and tensions can not touch him anymore. 

May be It would not possible for me in whole life time to bring him back. So I choose to pray for him. What else a loving daughter could do for his Dad!