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How do I get or increase STEEM followers,?
I am very new to STEEM blockchain (steemit.com), I see people have load of followers and thus it helps them to gain more on STEEM blockchain in terms of attention to their post, revenue and STEEM. Please help me know how do I increase my STEEM following on steemit.com Thank you well in advance .

Much has been availed about how to attract followership fast in steemit. The major ones being:

1) Produce and publish quality contents regularly.

2) Engage the community with comments , votes, resteem etc.

3) Engage the community off steemit via discord chat etc

4) Trail big accounts ( Whales) regularly by deliberately engaging them until some smile to your direction with some generous Upvote.

5) Invest heavily in Steemit.com by purchasing Steem , at a value that would guarantee a BIG reward as you self vote your posts.

All these you could do ,but experience has shown that all the above except no 5 is not an easy way to go if your aim is to earn something substantial from steemit.com. Steady persistence in all four above would make your stay in steemit worth it only if you are ready to be patient spanning months , if not years.

The only way out for the deep pockets is to activate option 5 , by investing heavily in steemit.com.

You could begin by investing some hundreds of thousands of American dollars worth of Steem. Your investment would pay off as you Upvote yourself regularly!!

See you at the other side of the investment!!

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Create good quality content, find your kind of people via 

#SteemChat or 

#Discord communities such as 

steemspeak.com or 

#KindnessOfHumanity : https://discord.gg/QyF8De.

#minnowresteemer https://discord.gg/QyF8De

 Interact with others by leaving comments and taking part in activities such as contests, video blogs or other events. Perhaps you might be keen to even begin your own! There's always chances to become more popular if you search steemit for things you personally are interested in, and if you search for help as a newbie try key words that will lead you to the content that is right for you, I suggest getting involved with some communities specifically designed for this like "minnow support" or even try boosting your post with some great tools such as @booster which is one of many profiles you can send SBD or STEEM to get an upvote or resteem that can potentially reach thousands of profiles. 

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