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Does unconditional love exists?
I know as soon as you hear ''unconditional love'', you think of mother's love. But, when you think about it, mother's love is no unconditional. She loves her kid under the condition that he/she is her kid :) I know that mother wouldn't love that kid that much if he/she wasn't her kid. So, there's the condition. So... Does unconditional love exists or that's just a phrase?

No. Unconditional love does not exist. Not even a mother's or father's love for their child is unconditional. A parent's love for their child will typically go extremely far but it's not unheard of for a child's behavior to be so consistently horrible as to diminish their parents' love for them. 


As a human being, your ability to love someone unconditionally is limited to your ability to keep your heart open, unconditionally. If you cannot consistently love yourself unconditionally, fill yourself with love, then you will not be able to consistently love others unconditionally.

So, where can unconditional love be obtained? If love is truly unconditional, then love cannot be obtained.

All you can get is approval. Many people are often confused and difficult to distinguish between agreement and love.

Approval is used to control, while love is a free gift. The key to experiencing unconditional love is being open and learning to know yourself more.

However, if you expect others to love unconditionally, this is only preparation for injury. Learn to love yourself unconditionally first, then share freely with others.


Yes it does. And that's God's love for man. The love of a father of of a mother is nothing compared to that which God has for us.

The Bible tells us that 'while we were still sinners, Christ died for us'. This clearly shows us that the love God and Christ have for humanity is not dependent on man's attitude. That's unconditional love.

The Bible also tells us that 'greater love has no one than this for a man to lay down his life for his friends' which is precisely what  Christ did and in His case for the whole of mankind. As humans we are incapable of loving this way but with the help of God's holy Spirit we can do it.

Its the same reason Christ, knowing the weakness of man told his disciples to 'love one another as I have loved you'.

From this we get the picture. Unconditional love is a reality and can be practiced but not without the help of God through His spirit. God loves unconditionally as the scriptures tell us that 'God is Love' and as His children we need to be willing to let Him teach us how to really love unconditionally.



Yes it does exist, the love of most parents towards their children is unconditionally. 

Some relationships consist of unconditional love 

And some people can even feel it towards other, unrelated people, or animals. Living things in general.


Unconditional Love still exists

Often we hear love between partners can fade, which is caused by take and give between partners. The One feels disappointed because he has given a lot and one does not reciprocate in kind. Then arises a sense of anger, resentment, sadness and ends with a lost love. Love This is what is often called conditional love. I will love if ……… But is there unconditional love? It turns out that love is still there,


It's the kind of love that makes you say, "Our relationship is fatal, but we love each other.

Where does this come from?

- From the need to believe that the other person loves me when they treat me in ways that don't correspond to love,

- It is a more idealized love that has little to do with the other and much to do with a need to sustain a fantasy of perfection.

- Another root is in the fear of assuming a painful reality and having to leave that relationship (a bad relationship is preferred to none).

Believing and wanting to sustain unconditional love is something that does not help build a healthy relationship. This type of love, if it could happen, would be, as I said, fantasy; but also manipulative and suppressor of the other's emotions. You couldn't get angry, complain or sadden yourself because then you wouldn't be unconditional anymore. It is a kind of love that is demanded and love should not be forced.

Someone who loves like this, does it for:

- Because he believes it is the right thing to do. That's what he learned in life.

- Because it confuses love with sacrifice.

- Remember that the song says that to want is to enjoy and to love is to suffer.

- Because he has low self-esteem.

- She doesn't feel worthy of a dignified treatment or fears that if she claims the other will leave.

- Especially when the couple reinforces saying: If you love me as you say, then you have to accept me as I am.

Neither should the opposite pole, not because there is no unconditional love means that love does not exist. Just because there is no unconditional love does not mean that we should condition love. Love tends to be resilient to a certain extent. We assume our partner's imperfections and learn to live with many of them, but to a certain extent.

The best thing would be to be reciprocal with your partner, keep promises and respect. If you are afraid to say or do something for fear of creating chaos, maybe you are loving unconditionally. If loving makes you sacrifice, it is best to seek how to develop a greater and healthier love for you.

In some cases there is the unconditional love of a mother or father to their children but not all parents are always like that.


Just a phrase. It depends on the situation. I've heard of parents wanting to kill their kids and visa versa.


It does exist with the first example as parental love which involves the love for parents towards their children. Many couple's especially those who have been together for many years sometimes for decades usually have an unconditional love towards each other. As an example, if one of the member dies early then the other partner usually dies not long after.


Love does not exist

This world is a cruel place 😾

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Let me make it short and simple,,unconditional love is a love that is natural and a love that happened without no reason which means it is a love that was not based on any condition...unconditional love is when you love someone despite all their flaws...


Yes, this is a very important question and one that can be confusing. Perhaps we can turn it around and ask does contitional love exist

In other words, is there any other type of love other than unconditional LOVE? How to tell? Well, for a start, just apply the criterion of 'conditionality' and see if it is not actually something else that is dressed up as Love, a pretender! 

People refer to many things as 'Love', which clearly are not unconditional. For example, when people say 'I will only love you if you love me', or 'I will only respect you if you respect me' - there is clearly a condition, and it is thus NOT unconditional Love. When a parent says to a child 'I am restricting your freedom because I love you', then this is not love but fear, security, control - however well-meaning. If there is desire (for comfort, for sex, for security, for status etc etc), then again, it may be called Love, but it clearly is not. If there is action born of fear (love as 'protection'), then this is fear, it is not Love.

We can thus take a little step back and begin to examine what we think of as being 'Love', searching for any condition whatsoever.  For example, there may be tenderness as well as a strong desire to 'protect' - this is a strong desire to protect, it is not Love, but the tenderness (which does not seek to protect) may be a candidate worth further examination (any expectation in the feeling? any desire for reciprocation?)!

Unconditional means that nothing is required to be fulfilled in order to be deserving. Unconditional means that there is nothing that can be done to un-deserve. In other words, the attribute of 'unconditionality' means that it just is.  IT JUST IS.

'It just is' does not mean that it can be defined (or captured) in words - it is very difficult to describe, - impossible in my opinion. Yet when we feel it, we know it, we recognise it. Ever 'fallen in love'? - the 'honeymoon' period, when everything is wonderful? What about when you come across an old lady who needs help - is there a condition to your providing that help (do you wanna be seen as 'helpful' or 'considerate')? What about the unconditionality of the tree that offers fruit and shade to any being - the tree does not place a condition on giving fruit. The tree does not ask if you are 'good' or 'bad' before offering shade and shelter.

If one examines unconditionality itself, one can find core qualities - respect; unconditional acceptance of who you are in the moment without judgement; compete lack of trying to control or manipulate etc. If one bears in mind that it is possible to recognise love (do we agree on this?), then we must also consider that at some level, we know what it is. We can certainly feel its absence and lack - no? When a situation is 'supposed' to be love, but isn't, aren't we upset and unhappy?

For me then, and to answer your question precisely: Unconditional Love is the same as the Universal Energy of Creation, it is the magical quality of enlightened living which lies just outside and beyond the realm of thought, the realm of worldly ego-driven actions. It is utterly fundamental and pervades all, even if apparently invisible. It is found in the hidden inner space of true self. Because it just is, it does not need to be brought in - it is already there. What blocks it are all the above discussed confusions of conditionality, which are mislabeled as Love. 'Conditionality' shouts loudly and aggressively, drowning out the non-pushy, ever respectful, energy of universal unconditional Love. 

Perhaps the most useful starting point for a sincere investigation into this is yourself. Are you able to find this quality of unconditional love for you, for yourself, for all you have endured and lived through, for the person you are as you are now? Without this it is very difficult to see how it is possible to (1) receive or accept unconditional love from another (2) reflect unconditional love back to another (the universe).



I want to believe it does exist in this realm but at a very minute extent . Unconditional love is a characteristic of God not humans.

Human love at best is fickle and subject to the present conditions surrounding the relationship.

I've seen many people who profess undying love turn their backs when the ride gets messy.

Many people do not even understand love. All they have is lust and infatuations.

I remember reading sometime ago from one of Dean Koontz books. He said

Nothing lasts forever

Even love's a lie

A tool for manipulation

There's no god beyond the skies

It's true that most people actually are in 'love' (mind the quote) for what they can get. It's manipulatory at best.

Ladies today cling to guys who have the money to spend to make them look good and command high social status.

Guys look for those ladies that they can always count on to help fill their longings and those that they can pose with and brag about.

The true concept of love is lacking in society today, little wonderful there are a lot of broken homes today and failed marriages. Divorce rates are rising everyday and more people getting scared and preferring to remain single.

Unconditional love means a love that consideration no faults. It means the fault may be there but one chooses not to recognize its presence. How many couples can do this these days?

I'm not saying it doesn't exist. It does but the numbers are to a modicum extent. I'm thankful though I grew up in a home where I saw real love from my parents. If not for them I would have concluded that it doesn't exist.