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What is your favorite childhood game (outside of your home) ?
I was just wondering before my bedtime what is my favorite childhood game. I am not talking about PC games because we were mainly outside playing crazy games. We had this game where you collect stickers for the World Cup in football (or something like that). We would throw those stickers with a unique technique and who throws it farther, he has the most chance to win the most numbers of stickers. There were a lot of crazy childish rules about this game but it always brings a good memory. Do you remember your childhood games that you played outside? What's your favorite one?

To be frank, that is a hard question to answer. As first of all even in childhood I did not go outside often. and second of all there is not a game in particular that springs into mind when i think of that question. There are some quite decent games I played that does not involve any electrical equipment nor gadgets, yet I play them inside my house all the same.

A Notable example being a game, which assigns players as cops civilians and criminals.The roles are chosen using cards so that the players do not know who is a cop and who is a criminal. Criminals have to kill every non criminal player by tabbing on them with their hands,moreover they can revive other criminals. While cops have to guess how is a criminal by hearing who dies where,as whoever dies says it that he did out-loud, and he can also get clues from died citizens of who might be a killer and where might he be. There is a catch though in that game which made it hard to play outside, which is that the game is played in total darkness to conceal the identity of the killer. I believe that this game is similar to a game online but i do not know its name.

There was also a game where someone would wear something on his head to make him not be able to see. He plays as a beast who is trying to protect something that he wears from explorers and hunters. Note that the thing he protects does not need to be with him it might be hidden somewhere where the explorers do not know where it is and must search for it. The beast moves blindly guided towards the victims through their sound, in addition whoever is captured are died and must return to the starting area to re-spawn. if the explorers manage to find the treasure before the time limit runs up they win. in contrast if the time runs out without the explorers finding the artifact the beasts wins the round. Yes there can be multiple beasts especially if they kept on losing, even after changing the roles.

Outside though the most notable games that i liked to play are hide and seek which renowned enough to not explain and basketball which is even more famous. Other than that all what I do outside during my childhood is all wandering around in the streets watching the natural environments or walking with pets



My favorite childhood game was shuttle badminton. We used to play with neighbors in a nearby play area.  The other games we used to play were basketball, ring tennis and even cricket. 

We used to play basketball not as a serious game but were asked to play more for the exercise part of it and also to refresh our body and mind. 

The weekends were spent in playing board games with family sometimes and also card games. All our neighbor kids used to come over after lunch and we used to have loads of fun. 

Thanks for reviving those memories. 

When I look back, I realize that we had a lot of physical activities as compared to the children of today who are addicted to their gadgets. I really wish there is some rule which ensures that kids are not exposed to such gadgets and that they play outside also. 

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I would have to say "Tumbang Preso" (lit. knock down the can). It is a traditional Filipino game played outside and was a famous game in the Philippines during the 90's. 

The gist of the said game is:  Hit and knock down the can with a "slipper". Depending on the impact, the can will fly meters away from its designated spot. The game involves running fast and outpacing the "It" in recovering your "slipper", while puts the it puts back the can in it's original spot. When a player is tagged from recovering the "slipper" he/she threw, he becomes the new It.

Image Source: https://hizonscatering.com/new-blog/gender-neutral-party-ideas/bato-lata/

I miss playing this game so much. :)


I loved football! Except everyone was bigger, stronger and more violent than me, so I found myself on the ground or in pain very often. But I loved just running around with all of my family. :) We played a lot of football in the beach. My cousin was better than me even though she was younger, and her little brother was the best of us all, lol.

I also loved Risk and Monopoly. Risk is a particularly cool game but it takes too long. Stratego is also cool but, I don't know, tabletop games were not that exciting and we left them alone later on.


My favorite outdoor game as a child was hide and seek. Hahahha

Every single day, when the clock strikes 3,me and my friends will meet at our common grounds outside our home. And then we set the limitation of the location where we are allowed to hide.

We decide which one to look first by doing the hand game that either palm up or palm down and whichever has the majority number will be safe untill on one remains or if there are two we will choose by doing jack n poy.

The person who is 'it' will count from 1-10 slowly. The first person to be found has a chance to save his spot by running to the homeground and say 'save' before the person who is 'it.' if not he/she will be the next 'it'

We sometimes finish til evening and we get scolded by our parents, saying what if some unknown creature will hide us and they won't be able to find us. So when the clock strike 6,we finish our game.

It was fun and scary XD


I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Outside and inside of our home.


I love the crabboard in the game because I love playing too much. When I was young, when I was 10 years old, I did that game since that time I am more interested in the game because many people are interested in cricket football but I am more interested in it. I will tell my favorite game