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Do you welcome Google adverts in steemit recently?

 Steemit showing AdSense Ad to recover their operating cost, but if they are generating revenue apart from operating cost , they must share revenue with Steemit user, because adsense show ads on the basic of content of an article. I Hate Google Advert because it does not reward content or effort of writer, it works on keyword with its algorithm.

I use Google AdSense with one of my WordPress blog, after writing so many good content I did not generate enough revenue with Google AdSense. In today's information technology era reader want distraction free reading experience therefore most of us use AdBlocker or use Brave Browser.

Main principal of Steem platform is to reward author based on content , which is  upvoted by steem community. there is no space for ads on Steem ecosystem. After Steemit implemented Google ads on their website, many Steemit user started using Steemit.com through Brave browser. many user expressed their opinion, they would prefer to donate some BAT token instead of seeing those annoying ads, if Steemit have verified account on Brave Browser.

Steemit.com must verify their ownership on Brave browser so that user can donate some BAT token to support Steemit.com to help them to recover their operating cost. As per statics from www.siteworthtraffic.com Steemit get 2,172,360 unique visit per month and estimated revenue per month on the basis of pageview is $ 5,935 USD. I do not know how much is their operating cost but if they are generating more revenue than their operating cost then they must share with Steemit user because after all it is user content.

My biggest fear is other dApp which are alternative of steemit like busy.org, steempeak.com should not follow the path of steemit.com. i like the concept of Steempeak which ask their user to add Steempeak as a beneficiary so the small amount of post reward will go to Steempeak, i think that is best way to ask for donation rather than showing annoying ads to user.


It was actually been suggested long time ago. Google ads are one of the ways to expedite the income of Steemit Inc, not only relying on the token they hold. Well, things have happened if and only if Steemit already allowed Google Adverts before, the constant selling pressure might not be a problem right now.

Thought it might considered unclean in our platform, I think proper management is the key for inputting where advertisements should go into which I think ads were properly handled well. 

Moreover, as mentioned by @elipowell on her inteview with @andrarchy, Steemit inc. is earning at least $3000 every month from the Google ads. When more traffic comes to Steem, it will indeed increase in Google ads revenue.