Must an account in steemit use vote boots to be successful in steemit?

The quick answer to this question is no but the answer could also be a yes. It all depends on each individuals game plan when using the upvote bots.

I think if one continuously uses the bot to upvote their content they will only keep making losses (sometimes you profit though), but on the other hand if you used it for a while to gain popularity and attract followers to your blog, then it will hasten your route to success on steemit.

I personally have used bots for my first submissions on steemit as I thought it was necessary if my #introduceyourself posts was to be noticed.

Anyways steemit seems to all about bots now and everyone is using it, so we might just get to that point where using bots will be totally necessary if you must succeed with blogging on steemit.


No, I don't think so. From the time I joined Steemit up until now, I've never made use of a bid bot or bid bots. You can be succesful on Steemit without using bid bots.

I believe anyone who creates good and quality contents deserves to be rewarded and grow. However, what is defined as good and quality is relative.

There are many steemians who became successful on the platform through organic engagements. There are others who do use bid bots.

Does using bid bots imply that a particular content is not good and have some form of quality? No!

Bid bots are used on both quality and undeserving posts. Creators and users of bid bots may have various reasons for using them. But asides adopting it to gain popularity, one thing that is certain about bid bots is that people always use it to maximize profits On contents as well as yield great returns.

I believe creation and use of bidbots is a business on its own. And no one ventures into any business without the mindset of eventually making profit.

For those who can't afford bidbots, organic engagement remains the original and better alternative towards attaining success on Steemit. You have to create your contents, read people's posts, make meaningful comments, stay active on discord, steemit chat, telegram groups and steemit whatsapp groups. You have to be consistent. You can start up a project or be a co-founder of one.

Bidbots were created with the sole aim of maximizing profits On Steemit and I think they are antisocial in a way towards attaining organic and real success on Steemit.



Besides, voting bots don't make you successful. They only make you popular

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I have personally used these bots, and the benefit of real, (unless you invest a lot of money) is the amount of votes you receive, which makes your article popular, but in matters of profit it is sometimes even lost.


Personalmente he usado estos bots, y el beneficio de real, (al menos que inviertas mucho dinero) es la cantidad de votos que recibes, lo cual hace a tu articulo popular, pero en cuestiones de ganancias realmente a veces es hasta perdida.

[Fuente de imagen ](https://www.google.co.ve/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwicxtiEquLgAhUtuVkKHd32A3sQjhx6BAgBEAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fsteemit.com%2Fspanish%2F%40jngg87%2Fcomo-obtener-votos-con-el-bot-minnowbooster-ed75269e71ce4&psig=AOvVaw36lcJEzoChOcKF83bbJBbV&ust=1551577236376776)


Bid bots are mainly used for visibility to be popular.. But I don't think it is profitable..


I don't think that one can only be successful on Steemit by using bid bots. Any good content creator who is ready to meet new people and share great ideas should succeed on Steemit.


It is not a must to use the bid bots in Steemit to become successful on the platform.

There are several ways to gain some success or progress in the site. Such as joining contests especially if you have the skills/talent for those contests. Joining communities that really support and help its members.

Or if you have large money to invest, you can buy Steem and power up.


Nothing "must" everything is out of free will.