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What are your suggestions of eliminating internet scams and frauds , especially in Cryptos?

This is actually something I have been looking up to and hoping to happen or get implemented. There are lots of internet scammers who engage in cyber fraud and stealing of online assets such as cryptos and other valuable commodities all for the sake of earning money in an easy way or earning without stress.

It is also a good idea that most blockchain platforms are now working severely on making our cryptos more secured and safe by adopting different technology methods to ensure safety for users.

If I were to give suggestions regarding the question asked above, I would suggest the following tips ;

#1 USERS SHOULD AVOID SHARING THEIR WALLET PASSWORD OR KEY TO STRANGERS : One of the reasons people get scammed online most especially when it comes to dealing with cryptos is because they tend to expose or publicize their wallet crypto password to some strangers or users online. Some even go to the extent of displaying their private wallet keys accidentally to untrusted users who may end up stealing their funds or cryptos in their wallets.

The fact is that you need to keep your tokens safe by securing your wallet private keys. It is only a fool(sorry for being harsh 😑) that will send his or her wallet private keys to strangers or people whom don't seem to be trusted.

In summary, every users need to act smart and keep their wallet security keys or passwords as safe as possible to avoid other scammers gaining access into their wallet.

#2 EVERY BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM SHOULD INCREASE THE LEVEL OF THEIR SECURITY : Some blockchain platforms are already engaging in this type of practice by adopting several security measures to ensure every users tokens are safe and secured. We have some blockchain techies adoption 2 factor authentication, some are making use of fingerprints, some are making use of face detector and many others just to ensure the users tokens are secured.

I will also love to add that we also need to improve ourselves in technological knowledge because some of this hackers are also doing the same. There should be need to employ competent cyber security developers who can ensure or guarantee safety of funds and tokens.

#3 AVOID CLICKING ON PHISHING LINKS: One of the easiest ways we can loose our funds is by clicking on phishing links. Phishing links are of different types but they are actually written programs or codes which are mostly used to perform insecure activities such as stealing one's fund or hacking one's account.

Some of this scammers may come up with deceiving articles just to persuade you to click on such link. Some even tease people to earn more money just by clicking on such links not knowing the phishers have bad intentions in their doings.

In summary, don't be too hasty to click on any unsecured links that may make you loose your funds.

#4 RAISE ALARM BY NOTIFYING THE TEAM OR MODERATORS IF YOU NOTICE ANY CHANGES IN YOUR WALLET ACCOUNT: The last but not the least is to quickly notify the admins if you notice any strange thing happening in your wallet account. The earlier the better because they may actually help you recover your funds back if you are very lucky.

In conclusion, the most important factor is to always ensure that you keep your private wallet keys more secured and safe. Also remember not to disclose your personal information or wallet details to strangers you don't trust.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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