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What is happening at Musing-io here?? No questions asked to answer? Why?

This is also something I have been noticing on the platform. The number of users on Musing seems to be decreasing drastically and this is really affecting the number of questions asked on the platform and the number of answers provided by users on the platform.

What could actually be the cause of this?

I thought about the above question so deeply because musing wasn't really like this before and I came up with the below answers after thinking deeply about the cause. These are my reasons for the question you asked as regards to musing.

#1 LACK OF QUALITY UPVOTE : I can remember back then when we got some huge amounts of delegating from steemit Inc, the number of users on Musing was so much such that the platform became so competitive when it comes to providing answers and asking questions. After the delegation got pulled away there was a decrease in the worth of upvote which amounted to $the range of $2-1$ depending on the quality of the post and I can say the number of users back then got reduced by 30%.

When musing started powering down from the main account which occurred in the last few months to this time, I noticed the worth of upvote was in the range of $0.67 and now down to $0.55 (max upvote for now) depending on the quality of your posts. The number of users during this period got reduced by 45%.

There were some periods of time when musing was unable to upvote any users posts and this really made us loose lot of users because there wasn't any form of incentive to motivate users to keep utilizing the platform.

I will conclude here by making us realize that most Steemit users make use of DApps because of the incentives(upvotes) involved. From my analysis, musing lost lot of users due to the lack of incentive or upvotes and I hope we can acquire more steem delegation from whales or Steemit Inc to curate musing users. There is no doubt that most Steemit users will come back to musing if musing start curating it's users by Upvoting them nicely depending on the quality of their posts.

#2 LACK OF ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS OR OFFICIALS : Musing team were very active during the early stage of the project. They were very hardworking when it comes to curating, discipline and detecting plagiarism on Musing. This was actually one of the reasons musing discod sever used to be very active with lots of chats because the admins were always ready to solve your problems provided it is related to Musing.

I actually don't know what is going on now with the officials or team involved in Musing. I just hope they could read this part because musing is one of the best projects on the steem blockchain. Musing has helped lots of Steemit users when it comes to solving problems and asking experts questions they find difficult. The interesting part about this is that everyone get rewarded for their activities either by asking questions or answering questions provided it contains the required quality needed to attain full upvotes.

I think the admins or officials involved also have their role or part to play as regards to the decrease in the activities on the platform.

#3 WE ARE ALSO PART OF THE PROBLEM: I am sure you may get astonished with my last point but that's just the fact since I am not skeptical about this. Most users are very obsessed with rewards or monetary value whenever they do something without considering the impact they can make in the lives of others. Musing itself is a platform for learning and earning which simply means you can't expect to earn everyday because everything can't always go smoothly which defines life.

I actually find it really bad when I see users leaving or forgetting people who helped them achieve greatness just like musing helped some people grew their reputation back then as a result of the upvotes they gained. These same set of users have now abandoned musing because they get little upvotes or none.

Albert Einstein once said "Try to become a person of value". I believe happiness comes within when we make other people happy just like we solve people problems on Musing by answering their difficult questions and removing them from their difficulties. I suggest we should always be contented with the little we have and let's keep making impact in people’s lives no matter how small our reward may be.

I am also quite sure that if musing increases it's worth and rate of upvotes, we will surely have more users coming back again which automatically increases the number of users on the platform and activities.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I think, Musing,io is underrated. People need to spend more time on musing than other steem platform. But as they say, once dead always dead. I feel bad for musing.io, Jon Ching took great efforts to build this platform but seems it failed to attract the overtime and now waiting game begins. Lets hope the best for Musing.io and hold on.

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