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Why are some folks excessively FEARFUL?? What are the solutions to mitigate excess fear?

Being fearful is a natural feeling which everyone might have experienced in some time or point of their lives. It is also an emotion or feature similar to happiness, sadness, anger and other feelings you may think of since those feelings are naturally programmed into mankind. The fact is that even the most strongest person whom you think may be fearless also experience fear in their hearts but you may not actually detect that since you can't know what is on the inside but you may know what appears to you on the outside.

Fear differs from individual to individual when it comes to measuring it's level or stages of fear but what matters most importantly is that in one way or the other we sometimes experience fear in some certain situations in life.

As I have stated earlier, we may not be able to eradicate fear completely from our lives but we can actually reduce fear drastically to a bear minimum. I suggest the below the below tips will help to mitigate or reduce fear.

#1 BE WITH FEARLESS PEOPLE: As we all know the type of environment and type of people we surround or associate ourselves with can have great impact on our lives. If you really want to be a intelligible, surround yourself with intelligent people. Similarly, if you want to be fearless, surround yourself with fearless people as they tend to help you mitigate your level of fear till you become fearless.

#2 BELIEVE IN YOURSELF : One of the main reasons we tend to be afraid or scared sometimes is due to what we occupy our heart or minds with. This simply implies that we have to keep feeding our minds with positive thoughts of believe which increases our level of confidence making us believing in ourselves which in turn reduces our level of fear.

#3 FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT : This may actually sounds funny but believe me it truly works. You just sometimes have to pretend by faking it that you aren't afraid till you get accustomed to the system and from there your level of fear is reduced.

#4 BELIEVE IN GOD'S PROTECTION : Forgive me for bringing religious matter into this but this can actually help you go a long way to reduce your fear.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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