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Why , despite the abundance of the Sun Energy in Africa, Solar Energy has not been harnessed appropriately for their Energy Demand?

The answer is quite simple. The Government doesn't want the people paying their current electricity bills to move on to solar power. The problem is the ones who aren't paying and get free electricity from the ones who are paying.

In South Africa for me to put solar power on my property I have to register with the government and pay a licence fee for this right. They say it is if anything happens and I need to return to the grid in the future.

They are scared of losing any money being paid ton them and can't see the benefits of new jobs created by a solar industry. It could be huge if they allowed it to happen. Other countries offer subsidies for the installation.

We have wind farms and solar fields for creating power and they are being penalised as well as there is too much corruption going on supplying coal for the old fashioned power stations. It is all about personal greed and how much they could lose.

Today there is not enough electricity to meet the demands and this will only get worse. In South Africa with the rising energy costs at 15-20 percent year on year increase more people will switch to solar. I can see over 50 percent who pay for electricity moving over in the next few years.  The time has come where the savings are huge against the cost of electricity even with a full solar system and installation.

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