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Why do some married men/ women cheat on their spouses?

Several factors can trigger cheating in relationship. Although the points below showcase some of the common triggers, it is not necessarily moral or right to cheat on your spouse. In situations when you feel compelled to cheat on your partner, I would advise you to seek help from a certified marriage counselor. Some of the common triggers are:

Absence of communication

Enthusiastic as well as physical disengage 

Low similarity (individuals who wedded for the wrong reasons): Low similarity can prompt a feeling of "purchaser's regret" 

Abusive behavior at home and psychological mistreatment 

Money related pressures 

Absence of reverence for each other


In most cases, people, both men and women alike, who due to certain benefits they receive from an individual or perhaps due to pity from continuous sacrifice made by either party, or frustration from the feeling of advance in age, societal / peer pressure, or even infatuation, happen to say the marital vows and then get bonded to persons who aren't their partners for life.

It's is a totally different feeling to be with someone whom you do not truly love or appreciate and who in one way or the other does not satisfy your taste, however, you had already decided to settle for less; once this happens, cheating takes place because you'll be out there looking for those who meets your satisfaction in all aspects.