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What marketing strategy could you use to start a business?

I am going to imagine and think of this now with my eyes closed. I am going to use a more guerilla style marketing strategy. It has to be cheap enough and yet gathers more attention and conversion rate.

It also really depend on the type of business that your opening. Now it's very popular to have the printer style business model. Sell the printer cheap and get it back through the ink. Recently I have seen a few ways that company does this in my city. The first is offering the coffee machine at only 1 but then the only thing that the user needs to do is to maintain per month quota of 10 capsules. When the user decides not to continue, they can just terminate it. Give back the coffee machine and that's all.

The other style I've seen is using Facebook. Before the grand opening, this restaurant that sells chicken rice, advertises coupons for free unlimited redemption of the chicken rice full set with drink and vegetables. You just needed to whatsapp the number get a promo code and make your way there on the specified time and date. It worked I guess cause I could see the long queues that formed where everyone was really excited to get some chicken.

Another one Ive seen is a company which sells phone assesories that ask you to like its page and redeem a free tempered glass for your phone. I did that and that's the only reason I went to that shop cause I can order other phone assesories online nowadays cheaply.

One local cinema chain usually uses Instagram to post to its followers the new deals and promotions. So one day, a new mickey mouse tumbler came out celebrating 90th mickey existence. So what happen was, just that day, I went there at night to want to buy the tumbler, but it sold out.

I think it depends really on the different business we open. I guess since now many of us are more. Mobile centric assuming that we spend a vast amount of time on the mobile phone, you need to target the ways that it can send a direct signal into making the user want a certain product even if they initially think they don't need it. This media platform needs to have this really wide market network.


Give away free crack.

Get ‘em addicted and they’ll keep comin’ Back for more. 😈


There is no definite pattern or path on how one has to use to market his product and business but. It is sure that every need a good marketing strategy to start-up and survive. Marketing strategy for me is economic specific, situation specific and business specific.

In our modern economy, we need to find and maximize best marketing strategy to start out successfully and some of this inclife:

1. Running Adverts on Facebook

2. Use Google My Business and try to improve your ranking

3. Take advantage of content marketing

4. Take advantage of other social media platforms like instgram, Twitter, whatsapp, and others.

5. Take advantage of personal friends and also family.


Everything depends on the business itself. Which sector? Which customer are you trying to reach? 

I think these days advertising through TV or radio is outdated. Yes it's still done a lot and important for a lot of companies but this is not useful for small to medium size businesses. 

Digital marketing is the way to go now. Anyone is capable of doing this and you don't need a lot of funding too.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google,.... so much opportunities.  The key is to execute it perfectly in order to gain from this strategy. It's like maintaining a blog. At first you get close to zero viewers and zero response.  You have to be patient, have a good plan and be consistent with the content you're writing. It will take time to gain a loyal following.  A mistake a lot of companies do, is that they have multiple social accounts but post the same thing on all of them. The same article on Facebook, Instagram, ... . Remember creativity is a valuable aspect within the business environment. Try being creative with the marketing factor of a business. Maybe you could post everything that is related to your product on Facebook and everything that is related to the daily work situation on Instagram (fun pics of the staff, etc.). I think the most important part about digital marketing is to figure out on how to build a community for your product.

Of course marketing is much more than advertisement. It's your product and knowing who your customer is. You have to ask yourself why you are doing this. Why do you want tot start your business? It is not important what your product or service is, it's important that you create a certain feeling. Emotions are much more valuable than logic. Just take a look at the TED talk of Simon Sinek. 


All business is based on customers. If you do not have clients, if you do not have sales, you do not have business. That is why marketing is fundamental to attract, convert and retain customers.

Understanding this, I'm not going to tell you now: do SEO, have a website, etc., etc., etc.

The best marketing strategy is one that adapts to the context of your business and the needs of your customers. And here I'm going to stop a little more.

What you should FIRST do is: determine who your ideal client is. This in Inbound Marketing we say: Buyer Person.

The Person Buyer is the archetype or profile of that person that your business can solve your problems and provide what you are looking for.

That is to say, it is that ideal client that will buy your service or product, because it finds in your business the solution to your problems, or what you are looking for to make your life better.

Let's go with a quick example. Your business is about sales of cheap youth clothing. What will be your ideal client?

Quickly, seeing the profile of the person that best adapts to the solution you provide, your ideal client could be: a young university student who works and needs good clothes at a good price. His way of thinking and the way to find and attract him on the Internet will be very different from the profile of a young man who has no problems with money and likes to make high spending on clothes and exhibit it. Do you see how a simple detail becomes vital?

If you want to know more about this topic, I invite you to download my free ebook "Find your Buyer Persona and sell more". There I will teach you to find your ideal client and how to determine your tastes, social networks, purchasing process and more. This way you will sell much better, because you will go directly to your ideal audience. To go to the download page click here. It also has a PowerPoint Template where you can save the results of your research.

After you have an ideal client profile or profiles, know what social networks they use, what their problems and needs are, and how you can attract them ... what comes?

Well it's time to make a personalized marketing plan for your business that starts.

Starting a business is not quick or easy, it requires time and money. Many businesses do not pass the first year, because they only sell, but do not have a pre-armed marketing strategy before starting.

That is why I encourage you, once you know who your ideal client is, build the best personalized strategy for your business.

What can it be? That will depend on your business and your ideal client. There are many, many details to take into account. If your item is B2B (business that sells to other businesses), what is the market segment of your business, if you are a local or digital business, if it is international or national, if it is service or products, and many more.

You can get lost in many strategies, if sales funnels, digital advertising, email marketing, etc. But everything depends, as I said, on the context of your business and the profile of your ideal client.

As you are going to start the business, the best thing is that before launching it, you have a small but effective marketing strategy, which allows you to see results in the first months, and to make your business pass the first year.