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Can animals live on top of the Everest?
What kind of animals live on Mount Everest? What kind of animals live on Mount Everest?

In Everest Mountain only few animals can live at the highest altitude of Tibet and Nepal. The highest altitude where some extreme animal can live is 6,100m. And those animals are blue-sheep, Tibetan gazelle, Pika, yak and certain birds.

In low altitude there are some excellent animal who can survive from 5,000m to 5,750m. Those animals are Himalayan Thars, snow leopard, Himalayan goral, musk deer, The Himalayan yak, red panda, and the Himalayan black bears.

There are also certain birds live in Mount Everest area. On the ground you will see Tibetan Snowcocks but they are very rare. You will also be able to see Himalayan Blood Pheasant and the Danfe Pheasant if you are lucky enough. In the sky you will be able to see Alpine Choughs or Yellow Bill Choughs which can built nest in high altitude above 6,000m. The Bar-Headed Geese can be seen during migration and probably they are the highest flying bird in the world who can fly above the peak of mount Everest. The most available birds are magnificent Bearded Eagle and the Himalayan Griffons. 


I don't think so that the conditions on the top of the Everest are feasible for any animal to live.

Secondly there is no food so that animals can survive.

Oxygen pressure there is also on lower side so its hard to survive for any living being to live there.  



can, there are animals that live on Mount Everest such as Snow Leopard, Himalayan Panda, Himalayan Buffalo, animals in the Himalayas, Himalayan Goats, Himalayan Deer, Himalayan Red Panda. these animals have thick skin and heavy bodies with phenomenal instincts that help them protect their lives even in the most Arctic atmosphere.
The altitude and temperature at the top of mt. everest is inhabitable for regular living animals especially hotblooded animals.