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Why do we still have racism in our society?

Racism exists because hatred and egoism and attitude exists. We can however feel relieved that racism does not exist in its pure or true form as it did a century or two earlier. Human beings were treated even worse than animals and I do not even wish to think of it. 

Many people all over the world think of racism as only having existed against some sections of the society in western countries and Africa. However, racism has existed in India and still does in diluted forms in many parts of the country and if this has to change, the mindset and the attitude has to change. 

If anyone practices racism, it is certainly looked down upon and even punished in some cases. So, what if both racism and sexism is mixed? It certainly would affect a section of people very badly and affect their progress. 

I thank the almighty that I live in a state where women are treated equally and with respect and are allowed to study and work as they please and allowed to express an opinion regarding life issues but can you imagine societies where ladies do not have any opinion whatsoever and are treated worse than doormats. Birth fathers give away under aged daughters in marriage to much older men and are not even remorseful. 

That is why I mentioned that the mindset of people have to change. People should be educated and understand that all are equal in the eyes of the God they worship. There should be no more of honor killings. There should no more racist comment. There should be no more discrimination. 

There are many small task employers online and I am a member of one such organisation whose name I do not wish to mention. I was surprised one day to get a survey which was basically racist. The survey displayed a set of pictures and asked the online worker to decide if one person was looking like a terrorist and if the other person was kind and so on. The photos clearly showed differences in skin color and geographical differences. 

Unless the hatred which is present in today's society is uprooted, racism and other such differences will continue to exist. 


We still have racism in our society because people are still passing it on from one generation to the other.

No child is born racist and every racist wasn't born that way. The truth is that the society itself has been set up to propagate racist beliefs in the minds of children and adults alike. The negative stereotypes that we attach to every race is a typical example of why racism still exists, once you see a black man running, your probably going to believe that he stole something, or if you enter an office and you see a white man in the midst of many black people, you're instantly going to believe he's the boss.

If you see a Latino with lots of tattoos then you're going to conclude that he's a gang member. It's these little things that we pass down to the next generation that makes sure that racism still exists because when the younger generations start adopting these negative stereotypes, racist thoughts and actions are never too far behind.

It's amazing how something as trivial as the colour of our skin can make such a huge impact on how we humans treat each other, but nobody is born with a racist mindset, it's something that you learn, to stop racism in our society then we have to cut it out from the minds of the younger generations.

I hope this helps.


I have asked myself this question many times. living in South Africa I have seen both sides of the coin.

The apartheid government was anti anyone white and had segregation. Basically whites lived in white areas, Indians in another and blacks further away. We all know it is wrong as it builds hatred and resentment.

Today 24 years after a black government took power we have similar issues but in reverse. This doesn't make sense and the only answer I can think of is this. The children growing up not seeing color are because of their parents. The hatred is being bought forward by the next generation by the old generation.

This will hopefully phase out at some point but could take generations. It is sick and sad but it is the reality. The other parts of the world are different though but similar.

In America and Europe parenting and peer pressure could change your thoughts. If you are educated and have the right upbringing with no influences you will have no prejudices towards other skin colors. 

The racism I see more and more of though is blacks hating whites blaming them for their economic situation. The more black families that educate their children and better themselves the better and one day I am hoping that racism will be very rare.



Fear of difference to be more precise

Someone who doesn't look like you, act like you, speak like you, think like you is different. And different always makes people fearful and nervous.

People are comfortable within their own little boundaries and anything outside of that comfort zone makes them nervous and gives rise to such situations as racism.

The unknown is something that a lot of people have trouble dealing with. Since you don't know what it is, you can't control it, you can't feel IN control of it and again, that makes people nervous.

This is a simplified version of what I am trying to say, but one that I believe is ultimately correct.

People need to feel like they understand, and what is not understood is feared and fear can sometimes give rise to hatred or lashing out simply as a means of keeping that fear at bay or a distance.


There are two stages or two types of racist fantasies. First, a fantasy rooted in the notion that "the other" wants "what is enjoyed".

Second, racist fantasy that results from the view that "the other" always uses strange ways to satisfy desires or have foreign desires.

no matter how good the state plays, racist fantasy cannot be erased because it is rooted in the existence of "the other" and greater expectations about the ideal of a whole society united together. Racist fantasy begins to shift from an intersubjective level to a failure to view society as an impossibility. racist fantasy figures are just a way to cover up the impossible of the whole community or the organic symbolic order to complete itself.


Racism always exist in a lot of aspects.

This is purely because of us being not equal. Having noticed our differences with each other is for me the reason why racism exist. If your friends are white and then comes a black guy. When you're all German team then there comes an man whose African-German and looks African. When have wrinkles on your face and they don't have.

The reality is once they see you're different, racism will exist.