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Why old people are so conservative about tattoos?

Because people like nothing more than to judge others based on superficial things such as tattoos to uplift themselves and build up their ego. Especially old people.  It's like they have nothing better to do in life than to look down on other people to increase their already big enough ego. That's also exactly why people insult and swear at each other.  

Its exactly this ego building, which is the driving force behind most of the problems we have amongst each other nowadays and why some people just can't stand one another. Their egos are conflicting. Battling. Creating a repelling force that is pushing them far away from one another. The only outcome of such situation can be either splitting paths or battling it out until one gives up.

People need to learn to control themselves and  kill the ego, or at least realize when it's taking over common sense and be able to ignore it.  Because, only when not under the influence of the ego, is one able to react to a situation propperly. When they can't do it though, only negativity can come out. And that's why our world is so messed up today.  

Our ego is taking over and we can not control it so, we react irrationally and negatively.


When I grew up and yes I am from the older generation it was only sailors who had tattoos. The anchor on the arm a bit lie Popeye lol.

It was frowned upon and seen as low class and still to this day it is to a point. I know plenty of companies who will not hire a person with a tattoo that is visible. I am the same if it is discreet that is fine but if you have a sleeve tattoo or some on the hand etc I wouldn't hire them either. 

If it can be hidden by clothing then that is fine as you represent a company and could offend people. That is the reality of the business world. It is fashionable now but it changes and who says in 5 years time it won't be seen as lower class again.


Well,let's say things are changing very fast and people perspective about things also changes.

Well the older generation are very conservative when it comes to tattoo because during their time tattoo is not as rampant as it is now and in their time people who drew tattoo are not seen as responsible people, they are seen as hoodlums and nuisance.

But things have changed and now tattoo are everywhere, artist and models, football stars all drew tattoo so the perspective young people have about tattoo is different compared to the older generation.


Well, basically, because tattoos are a cultural thing. And culture changes. And now, due to the internet and cheaper and easier access to traveling, our own cultures changes faster than ever.

Tattoos have been normal in certain cultures for ages, but were considered “not done” in our western culture until a few years ago. It was something that was only done by drug addicts, prison inmates, and rock and roll life wasters.

Luckily all this has changed, and a lot of people are now having a tattoo as a reminder of a specific period in their lives.


Because of his religious belief.

From the past as a tradition, this is not in her family.

Elderly people are far away from this issue for many reasons, such as not being tolerated in the community.

Several reasons

· Do not regret,

· Loss of meaning,

· Prevention of job application,

· Religious beliefs,

· Like squeezing