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Do you play Second Life? Do you have any Linden Dollars?
I play Second Life. I currently have L$300 (Linden Dollars). I like the various activities that I can do to earn money (Linden Dollars). For example fishing, gold hunting and other things. It is fun to play. L$300 is currently worth $1.15 USD, so Linden Dollars can be exchanged to USD (United States dollar), but I never exchanged it so far, because the minimum value to exchange is $2.50 USD. My username on Second Life is XplosiveHUN. What about you?

I have a couple of account over there on Second Life. I do not use any more. I have accumulated a few thousand over the years in the account, Keep it there for a time I might go back again, 

My names over there are Brayden Isenia and SarcasHIM Zemenis. Like I say I do not be there and it would be pointless to message me there. Maybe one day I will play it again, I do not see this happening any time soon though.

You can also gain coins by attending shows and dressing with the theme of the show, This happens at live shows where DJ's play music and they hold contests to bring members in, Many times you only need to put your name on the board and be there to gain the reward.

I enjoyed the game when I played it, I played for over 8 years and met some really cool people (some muppets too) But the majority of the people were cool people and great to hang around with.