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What lessons have you learnt from the Game of Thrones series so far and how applicable are they to real life situations ?

What I think I learn in Game of Thrones is to be true to your words, be honorable and always think of what makes the people you are living good, we’ve seen that in the person of Jon Snow (real name is Aegon Targaryen). He was raised by his father Ned Stark (which is in reality was his uncle) to be true to his words and to be humble always. He doesn’t want possessions or titles or glorification, he wants his people to be better and safe. He is forced to accept as a Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, he is then selected and crowned as the King in the North and it is because people trust in him and respect him. He accepted those titles even if it is against his will, because it is his duty to protect his people more than himself. He is honest and doesn’t hide bad emotions and feelings. I don’t know if he chooses to accept his inheritance as the true heir of the Seven Kingdoms, but if it is the case restoration of the kingdoms after the bloody war, I think Jon would be force again to accept the title not just for himself but for his people. He is a man that choses other first before himself, he’s shown it many times already and has never change. Kudos to Ned Stark for raising Jon the way he is now.