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What instruments are you playing?
I play guitar, drums and instrument.

I play bass guitar, guitar, and try to learn drums. Want to learn a whole lot of other instruments too though:

Bagpipes, piano, banjo, saxophone,...

But time my friend... time is the enemy ;-)


At the moment, I'm playing piano... I've been playing Piano for a while now. Still learning though, because I'm yet to discover more espcially on Piano. 

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I feel that there are a lot to learn in order to become a professional on Piano. So I didn't not just stop in one place, I still move about to learn some skills from my friends who seemed to be better than I...

When I see people better than I, will humbly listen to what they play; this has been helping to improve a lot.

I still wish to learn other instruments too if I have the time for it, but Piano is my own passion and everything...