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Is it just me or the community has been very quiet about Ned's MIA (missing in action), power down, and fund transfer?
Most of Ned's SP has been transferred to bittrex. Does this mean that he's relinquishing his position as CEO of Steemit? What's the community's position about this? Where can I find a discussion about this?

I haven't read anything yet about the topic. Some sort of a blog post or DTube recording although I believe we will going to see something on the trending page. Something from bernie sanders or someone with a stance on this blockchain. I personally consider the situation weird to see him transferring almost all of his Steem to bittrex like bittrex would be more trustworthy to hold his Steem than his account. 

What I don't understand however is why he didn't powered down when Steem was $5-7 and sell it at that price. He would have had enough money to pay his Steem if he would have done this way. Now if he sells Steem at 30 cents there would definitely be a bad bad decision. I wouldn't do that. What is weird is the fact that soon after he sent to bittrex the Steem he had powered down the price started to climb a bit stronger than the rest of the market. 

He hasn't posted for a while and I don't think he will quit his CEO position but some change in tactics is definitely rolling out for him and his Steem holdings. As a personal opinion I am not judging him and I don't consider the situation for Steemit right now as a doomed one. It's his funds and he can do whatever he feels like with his Steem. Personally I would have sold in December - Januray last year and probably buy again when the prices started to crash. 

He still has about 300,000 SP in his account and still powering down so it's interesting to see what is he up to and how "dry" will he leave his account. 

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I heard about it, but I'm really not that worried.  A lot of us are knee deep in our own projects on the blockchain, so we don't really have time to deal with the politics.  While there is some cause for concern for such a large sale, that's the nature of the beast.  Then again, there was another huge buy of BTC on another exchange, which drove the price of BTC up.  There's a lot of variables at play that we simply don't know about.  We can either consume our time dealing with those unknowns that we may or may not be able to control, or we can focus on the things we can control.

Me?  I'm helping Vimm development, streaming, and catching up with friends.  Whatever Ned does is whatever Ned does.  I'm not nearly as worried about it as some people are.