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Is eating two meals per day healthy?

Not in my opinion. If you have no choice, you are forced to have two meals a day, I can understand that but it's not healthy. 

The healthiest to have five meals a day, three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks. It's better for your stomach to eat less and more often. 

It helps to plan ahead, buy healthy ingredients and prepare your food yourself, that way you know what and how much you eat. Deciding on the go can lead to unhealthy decisions which can have consequences. 

However,  Max Lowery  a former  stockbroker, who later became a personal trainer, says having two meals a day is healthy, "you can retrain your body to become "fat adapted," meaning you burn  stored body fat for energy, rather than being dependent on sugars from  food. " (source: https://www.businessinsider.com/the-2-meal-day-diet-plan-max-2017-7). According to his theory, you can have more energy and also lose weight. 

I'm used to having at least three meals a day but I prefer five. I don't like that "full" sensation in my stomach that occurs when I'm eating too much.  Eating too much can make me sleepy, loose energy. My preference is light meals more often, spaced out. Five it works for me. 


If nutrition is sufficient, it is not a problem. every food we consume has certain nutritional value. if you eat as much as possible but do not have nutritional content. I think being unwell.

In part of population is the frequency of feeding largely irrelevant. If you maintain the same amount of calories throughout the day, your body is OK.

In some people, though, it in fact seems to be beneficial to give the body larger period of time where it doesn’t have to expend energy to power the digestive process. In very simple terms it can than “use that energy” for additional regeneration (or to burn fat, if you enter ketosis by the end of the non-eating window). I personally on most days eat only 2 meals with 0 snacks inbetween (but I admit I do put some heavy whipping cream in my teas, in case you wanted to call that a snack).

But there are also people, that don’t benefit from decreased feeding frequency, like pregnant and breastfeeding women or those with genetic metabolic predisposition towards more frequent eating.

Very special case are than people that re-trained their bodies to burn fat as primary energy source. As long as they have some body fat to burn, many of them don’t even get hungry on most days and can easily run on OMAD (one meal a day) without any detectable negatives. But than again, that is a special case and it doesn’t even apply to all of the fat-powered folks.

So to answer the title question: yes, in most people it is healthy or at least health-neutral.
If you are eating some snacks or a light meal in-between the "two meals per day" then it is okay and is advisable. It also depends if the two meals you are talking about is two heavy meals, then the in-betweens might not be anymore necessary.

This really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you eating two meals per day because you just want to get rid of the fats? Or are you just trying to save some money? If this is your reasons then just don't do it as it will likely cost more if you get sick or something
Eating three meals per day is the standard recommendations but you can tweak it to meet your health needs,eating two meals per day that

are balanced diet is healthier than eating three meals per day that are not balanced diet,so

sometimes it is not just about how frequent we
eat daily that makes someone healthy,what

makes someone healthy with foods is by eating balanced diet daily,a good balanced diet is worth

more than eating ten times a day..the meals we
eat per day should not also contain more than the

calories the body needs daily because if we eat more than our body needs then it stores as fats in
our body