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In bearish market Binance Coin (BNB) is shown good positive trend. what are the reasons behind it?

Binance coin (BNB) is a utility token. At some point the value of which token decreases relative to the downtrend of bitcoin where we noticed for the past days or weeks. But for some reasons, it is always at the bullish action because of its importance in Binance exchange as a utility token. It is viable to some full time traders in the exchange as it helps them compensate on their trading fees. Also, binance buys those withheld bnb at a specific time creating more sell buy pressure in the platform.


You must note that BNB coin is related to Binance exchange. So here the working product for the coin is the Binance exchange itself. We all know how popular is Binance as an exchange and how within a short time it spread out is base and it has become a giant exchange as of now. Its user interface is also quite friendly. The volume of exchange on daily basis is simply huge.

One more thing you must note that be it a bear market or a bull market, an exchange always remains in profit. This is because every time a trader buy or sell or exchange a coin with another, there is a certain exchange fee which is paid by the user to the exchange. So regardless of whether the user is in profit or loss, the exchange stands in a comfortable position to earn profit. That is the reason why the bear sentiment of the market does not really offset to a coin's performance which is related to an exhchange. So BNB being the token of Binance exchange, is hardly affected during the bull run and it showed enough resistance to the bear pressure.

In future it will perform even better as long as Binance as an exchange will perform. The Binance as an exchange is really growing well and a lot of people are using the exchange service of Binance. Hence BNB coin will further perform better.