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How often do you get upvote form Musing. Is there anyone whos all the post got upvotes?
I'm interested ti known how many upvotes are the user getting. and are there some peoples who are getting upvotes for all their posts?

No, Musing manually curates all the answers. If it seems some get more upvoted than others, it will be because they give very detailed and long answers which is what we should all do when we answer questions.

Musing appears to be very fair in its upvote distribution.

What I would suggest to you, i to work hard, give great answers to the best of your ability and I'm sure you will also get some upvotes :-)

The most important advice, is stop worrying what everyone else is doing or getting, just for your own thing and work as hard as possible and then enjoy reading other peoples answers. This isn't a job! Its a great resource and we need as many people as possible joining in without any bitching or whinging about who gets what.

Hope this helps and I will look out for your future answers :-)


A quick analysis over the last 2 weeks of August shows that the top rewarded users (by percentage rewarded) receive Musing upvotes on up to 70%-80% of their posts. [In fact there were a few users with 100% upvotes but no-one with more than 5 posts in total].

However it is noticeable that these users are averaging around 1 to 4 posts per day on Musing. So my assumption is that these users are producing small numbers of high quality responses. A case of quality over quantity.

For users that post more than 10 times a day the upvote ratio falls significantly, with the top users at this volume receiving a maximum of 20%-30%. 

I think it will also depend heavily on whether the user mainly asks questions or provides answers, and on what kind of questions they respond to. Some questions are fun and only require short answers, but are probably less likely to receive upvotes. 


I only joined Musing yesterday, but so far my strike rate in terms of getting upvotes seems to be pretty good! Before I started commenting and answering I browsed alot and it seems that there are quite a few people on here getting consistent upvotes from Musing. The common patterns seem to be:

- Offering indepth answers that answer the question - often answers are backed up with research or personal examples (especially questions related to Steem)

- If there are already many great answers for a question then the upvotes seem to dry up - this makes sense, as why would Musing want to keep upvoting more content when the question already has afew good answers.


I just recently joined musing.io and i love the questions

and answers that i am reading on this platform,why do i love them??i love them because they are educational

and also makes me more englightened about some certain aspect of life,i believe that the curators on this

platform are doing a very wonderful job and i noticed that they always ensure that they upvote very sensible and meaningful questions or answers and i believe that

if i write a meaningful answer or question then the curators will upvote me, i do not know if there is any user

that has all their posts upvoted but i believe if a user writes very good answers and the musing.io curators find the answers to be useful and perfect for the

questions asked then of course they can upvote the answers,what matters most is to ensure that you write answers that are of good quality....