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What is the minimum upvote required to have a reward?
I have seen the rewards upto .01 or .011 have not been given to the author. What is the minimum amount one should have to get a author reward

The minimum you need on a post is 0.03 and anything below that is lost to the reward pool. So if you find a post with 0.01 to 0.02 on it there is nothing of value to the author.

That is why the new rules with the Resource Credits stipulated votes too small would be lost to the voting tax. If you have 500 SP you have to vote with more than 5 SP but even that value at the end of the day will be lost if the vote total for the post is not more than 0.03.

It is advised that if you are a small account you invest in @dustsweeper as it collects all the small votes and turns them into payable rewards. I didn't realize this when I first started and once I invested in dustsweeper saw how much i was losing. I paid into @dustsweeper 2 SBD's and it lasted just over 2 weeks before I had to top it up. That is a lot of dust votes I would have unknowingly thrown away.


Wow, it is really a good question.

Yes, if your post showing that you have got 0.01 to 0.011 and even it is upto 0.02 then you and even no one gets the reward. This is why after cutting the curation reward then their will be nothing to give the author.

The minimum value is 0.03 SBD. If you get 0.03 SBD upvote then you will get something after cutting the curation reward.

In order to get reward you need to minimum one upvote and the upvote value must be 0.03 SBD. Sometimes we see that 10 upvotes done in a post but the post showing that the author get 0.01 or sometimes below this value. It is why the accounts which given their upvotes, they have a little amount of SP.

So, it can be said that to get reward from post doesn't depends on how much upvotes gou you got. But it depends on how much value of upvote your post got. The minimum value is 0.03 SBD.


The minimum reward on a post or comment for it to actually give the reward is $0.03. If the pending payout is below this sum, it will get counted as a "dust reward", and is just added back to the pool instead of being given to the author. 

If it's above $0.03, the author will get it it, even if it consists of two individual $0.02 votes that would be "dust votes" by themselves. So as long as you hit that magic number, you will get your reward. 

A good solution to get around this problem is to load up some money into @dustsweeper. This is a nice bot where you can deposit a few SBD, and the bot will upvote comments that are below the dust threshold, so you won't lose any rewards from this again. I always use this in order to not miss out on any rewards. 


.03 is the min dust threashold. if your payout reads .02 it will get sent to the dust bin and back into the reward pool.