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How many friends do you really trust in your life?

Well trust is relative and there are different levels of it that I have in different people and I'm sure it's the same for everyone. We all have friends who we can always call on who'll always be there for us but it doesn't mean that we'd trust them with just about everything about ourselves.

Then we have the friends who no matter what, gun to our head we know that we can trust them with everything. People usually don't have more than 3 friends like this and if you do then either you're truly blessed or you're probably the most naive person on the planet.

If I had to be honest, I'd say I only have one friend that I completely trust. I have alot of friends who mean alot to me and I could definitely count on them when the going gets tough, but I can't actually say that I trust all of them and that's because I know them and even though they always mean well, their lesser sides will almost always get the better of them.

The one person I trust is exactly like me, we think alike, get sick at the same time, are almost always depressed at the same time and the weirdest part is that for some strange reason we always have matching injuries. I mean like if I get an injury on my right hand then the person will get an injury on their left hand, it's happened so many times that I've lost count.

I have another friend who I have 99.9% trust in, but then again we're both young and foolish and that 0.01% is for that level of foolishness that we both have. I don't think there's anyone that I can count on more, when I'm broke he's my go to guy, when he's broke, he call me up. We owe each other so much that we now have our own currency called "IOU".

At this point we don't even ask questions when the other person asks for money, we just give if we have, we don't judge each other and we always make sure that we have each others backs no matter what.

So in truth if I had to say, I have two people that I trust, one completely and the other 99.9% completely.

I hope this helps.


Just one. I have many friends but just one really trust in telling everything, sharing the most intimate details of my life. He is also the one that I feel perfectly comfortable borrowing money from and borrowing money to. He is my friend since childhood and we've been through many life situations that got us very closed and built trust between us. Although we live at thousands of kilometers one from each other we talk on the phone very often, we meet something like once a year and we trust each other with everything. I don't have many friends, but I really trust him and consider him my best friend. 


Probably two. The others are friends but not people I have known all my life. One friend is from school days and we chat once or twice  a year as though we chat every day. We are that close. The other is  a friend from the army who I got to know and we look out for each other. 

We help each other with small loans or talk through issues and are just there for each other.


I have experienced some pains in the past which was caused by friends whom i trust so much and believed so much in,so because of the bad experiences i would say that i currently have just a single friend who i trust and even the trust is not that much because past experiences has made me to start finding it difficult to trust friends.....