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What is Theocratic Totalitarianism?

Theocratic totalitarianism is a system of government that strictly fuctions under strong dictatorial laws and principle based on religious norms and strongly prohibites citizens from practising other types of religion or excercising their freedom and right, basically theocratic totalitarianism is a system of government that is strictly about upholding strong religious standard, in this case people's right to practise other religion is withheld and they're not allowed to disobey norms on dressing laws and other laws.

However theocratic totalitarianism is still not fully functional, just like full communism has never fully been achieved, the states that have attempted to practise theocratic totalitarianism is the Vatican city and maybe Yemen, but for now they do not control people's lives and they do not force people to actually practise Christianity or Islamism and they do not have an anarchist ruler like Hitler however they run their government on strict religious law according to the states tradition, but they have a Potential of becoming full theocratic totalitarianism with certain measures employed.

For example old Israel leadership is an example and when we look at the states that seems to be really religious in the world we would find out that these states has the potentiality of reaching this level as well.

In this system religious leaders are the state's topmost leader and command total respect, they're the law according to how they deem fit, the people are like subjects rather than citizens and when a decree is being made, people have no right to question it, because it is deemed the word of God and can never be refuted by the people inside the state, the leader who is either a pope or imam is a symbol of total purity and is perfect and always right, like I said again, full theocratic totalitarianism is not fully possible yet.


What a wonderful question.

Well from my little understanding of government, governance and the different type of government existence, I'd like to say theocratic Totalitarianism is an hybridized system of government merging two concepts, theocracy a form of government with Totalitarianism another type of government.

That been said, let me firstly define the two concepts individually before defining it as an hybridized word.

Theocracy is a system of government whereby ordained ministers or priests are in charge of governance and rule over the people in the. SME of God. This was what was operated in is real up until the election of Saul as the first king. The priest back then were known as Judges and they had the likes of Eli, Samuel etc.

Totalitarianism is a system of government that is centralized and commands total subservience to the state and encompasses dictatorship. It is the direct opposite of Democratic governance. In a Totalitarian state, the state supersedes the people and the people are under compulsion to bow to the whim and caprices of the state because all powers lie with the state and dictatorship is the order of the day. Totalitarianism is a political system which leaders rely on military and bureaucratic power

Merging the two concepts together, theocratic Totalitarianism is a system of government that is centralized, commands total subservience to the state and the rulers rule in the name of God using religious laws. A vivid example are Islamic run states. Theocratic totalitarianism is “a political system under the control of totalitarian religious leaders”. Religion is used to rule these governments and the religious readings associated with the religion are said to make the laws. Countries such as Islamic ran governments practice theocratic totalitarianism.


Theocracy is government by the clergy. In theocracy, God's law trumps secular law if there even is secular laws. In theocratic totalitarianism, all power over all aspects of society is in the hands of the clergy who have the sole right to interpret religious law. Saudi Arabia does not have a theocratic totalitarian government. At present, no country has a theocratic totalitarian government. Iran comes closest.

Theocratic totalitarianism might be practically impossible in our age without creating a new religion. For example,  all the old religions are silent on things like the kind of traffic regulations you need when your roads are filled with motor vehicles. The financial system is also such that no existing collection of religious laws comes even close to having all the necessary laws for regulating a modern financial system. There is nothing in the Bible or the Quran about securities modern banking or anything like that. The authors of either book could not have anticipated any of those things.