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How can we avoid asking repeatative questions on musing?
Seeing repetititve questions on musing.io
Might not be easy to avoid but at least
The users on musing can avoid asking
Questions that has been asked before on the
Platform and what they can do to acheieve that

Is they should first of all use the search button
To know if a question was already asked before
Before they proceed to ask their own questions

I also would like musing.io to design a feature
Which will alert someone when a question they are about to ask is already asked before

There are some questions and answers website that have those features and i believe that musing.io can do the same thing too
Musing development team can implement functionality to look for similar questions that are already in the database. before posting they could give suggestions about if the question is already asked and answered. more than 70% match with an existing question can trigger a repeat alert also.

they can also add filters to possible repeats and merge them auto or a moderator could do that.

there is no moderation at this point they could introduce moderation as well.

Rewards can be adjusted to give more rewards to unique and valueable questions
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If the exact same question gets asked, it won't let post it.
Seeing repeated questions on musing is notgood,so that is why someone have to make sure
that they are are asking a unique question that

has never asked before,you can know if a question similar to yours have been asked berore,what you can do to get that information is

that you should search for the question on the musing.io platform and see if you will find such

similar question,if the question is the same as yours then no need to ask such questions again