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How to start a business with limited capital?
Lets say with 10K$

Choose a type of business that’s possible with.

Bootstrap to make it work with a customized strategy that fits that budget.


$10k is a lot of money to me.

But really, I believe most businesses can be started on a small scale.

You need to make sure you understand the business you're getting into. A feasibility study will help in this regard.

Next, you need to project your total investment requirements, daily expenditure and expected profit. That would give you a focus on how to run the business.

Lastly, you need to decide what parts of the business you'll run on your own and parts you'll outsource to others. This is very important as outsourcing can help save money.

With the above listed points, you'll be able to make informed decisions and spread your money appropriately


Why do you need a business? You can also make money by investing in other people's businesses. When you want to receive profitable trading ideas for free then follow the million dollar challenge:



It depends on the business. Is it an online business or offline? The first thing I would do is figure out what kind of business I want to start and leverage people's knowledge who are already successful in the type of industry I want to start a business in. I would use that knowledge and create a plan that is unique and that would give me an edge. Business is competition. 


Another way you can use it to be able to start a small capital business is to share a place of business.

In this way, you can reduce the cost of rent and basic costs such as electricity and water so that the capital you have to spend can be much lighter.

You can try sharing a place of business with your relatives or acquaintances who already have a store somewhere.

In addition, you can also invite other entrepreneurs who both want to open an offline store in the same place that you want.

However, to run this method, you should find a partner who has a business that is different from your business. This needs to be done to avoid future trade conflicts.