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What is your favourite field in studies?
Hello every musing user. How are you. I am engineer and i want to know about your favt. Field of studies. And wher are you studying in which field. And why you joined you subjects. What are the reasons about that.

Well in Nigeria we have three field in studies and this is Art, Commerce and Science as well, basically my field is Art and out of art we have government studies, psychology, English language Religious Studies, Law and Obviously Literature-in-English however my favourite field in studies is Literature and governments studies.

Literature is the best form of art if you ask me it spans into learning the works of renaissance, classic and contemporary writers in drama, prose and poetry as well and in this three genre of literature we have the fictional and non fictional work of literature and it's a plethora of knowledge that's very rich, unique and beautiful.

I love literature because it's evergreen and it will last for eternity and particularly I love people who made literature such a beauty, people like Shakespeare and the way literature relates man to the enigma of his society and how it educates, entertains and informs one is even the best.

Next I love government studies because it teaches how to govern a state, as a result of government as an academic field of study, it's now easy to govern a country, spell out constitution, make laws that will protect the human right of people and also make the world governed under authorities and even teaching the latest method of government to all countries, I love government studies because it fosters civilization to the rule of humanity over themselves.


As a kid, I loved biology and I still do. Theres just something about it that's so fascinating from the theory of evolution to the formation of a fetus there's no dull moment in biology.

In my country Nigeria, any kid that picks up an interest in biology is regarded as a potential medical doctor this is was a notion that stuck with me until my last year in high school. A professor came to my school and took us on career guidance. He told us that biology was taught to us in high school was a combination of different fields which includes Medicine and Surgery, Botany, Microbiology and Zoology.

At that point I realized that I my love for biology was actually directed to Microbiology. I applied for microbiology in college and was admitted and it's been an awesome ride ever since.

I've come to know that microbiology is related with every aspect of life from the spoilage of food to the production of alcoholic beverages it's all the work of microorganisms or microbes as we call them. The diseases that affect us is as a result of either viruses bacteria or fungi which are all microorganisms. They are around us and they can be our friends or foe

During my internship, I applied in a hospital and I was accepted, I worked in the microbiology section in the lab. Working there expanded my love for my discipline. I realized that the medical doctors can't really attend to any patient without proper tests results which are provided by us.

Literally we do all the work and they take the glory.

I'm almost done with college and I can't wait to continue with my master's degree. I'm thinking of specialising but for now I'm so happy to be in a field like this.


This is an extremely difficult question for me to answer. 

I'm what you may call a classical humanist. 

I'm interested in so many different fields and arts, it's ridiculous to just pick one.

I did major in Biotechnology, which is already an inter-disciplinary subject.

Very much enjoyed the molecular biology and genetic engineering.

I freaking love think philosophy, talk astrophysics, doing art, and even craft at times.

I'm not much into numbers, dates, and names though.


"Information and technology" is my favorite field in study.

I am a student of class 12. There are many subjects among them I like "Information and Technology" most. We live in the age of modern science. All classes of people are known with many modern devices. Like tab, iPad, psp and so on.

Though this subject is related with technology things, I like this subject most. In this subject we get know about many digital device and I like to know about many digital devices. I also love to use them. By learning this subject we know about HTML, CSS, c program and so on.

We also know about many important things of web design, HTML code, how a computer work and so on. I like to know this things that's why this is my favorite field in study.