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What is more imortant in life, respect or money?
What do you wish in your life. Money or respect. I have seen many people who preffer money. Its every one's own choice. What is your choice.

If you ask me, psychologically, these two intertwines, expecially in a society where financial means are well respected, sometimes in life you need money to garner respect in a society, you'll be able to speak in public places and people will actually listen because even if they hate you for speaking in public because you have money, they'll actually respect you because the mental ability to be able to express has been accrued because you're rich or have monetary means.

Respect can be naturally gotten but with money you can be able to be able to get artificial respect, it totally depend on the society where you find yourself, for example In the society people do not respect you because you're a sage or an epitome of wisdom they actually respect you when you have money, because there is a the mindset that automatically applauds you respect when you have monetary means.

If you ask me, I'll prefer money than respect because of the society where I live in and the fact that I can artificially get respect when I'm wealthy, while in Most situations respect doesn't guarantee or promises financial means, so I prefer to have money and automatically have respect willed to me.


I would take the money.

Respect is earned over time and I have always had respect anyway.Respect doesn't cost you anything but it holds a high value. Money is hard to earn and is just as easy to lose.

Money is important and will always take it over respect. I have never cared what other people think anyway. Why should we care if we are doing the best we can. Most people are hypocritical and don't really care.

A friend of mine was telling me that when he was very wealthy his phone used to ring often. Everyone wanted to know him. He invested money into another business making him more "poor"and his phone went silent. He said that he knows when he is doing well again when his phone starts ringing.

This is so true so why should we care about others and what they think.


Both money and respect are very important in life . Although money is a very important things in life so as respect. Money play crucial role in life, but respect are earn due to certain attribute like

1. Kindness

2. Listen well

3. Take note to correction

4. Diligent

5.let go of anger

Money can be use to buy house , car, food and use in building industry e.t.c But money cannot buy respect, So respect is very important in life .


I think That money,respect and power are associated In some way or the other,however once you reflect a touch deep into your psyche you may realise at some extent

that money and power is useless if you are not highly respected . The respect you get from power and cash is often hollow . It will not ever provide you with a deep satisfaction !!!

What I in person assume is that if we tend to strive being religious and help people who really need help with our power and money then that would definitely make us become more respected.....money is very important same way respect is also important too....