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Do you think darkweb is big sponser behind the childrens rape?
Childrens rape is going common day by day. Its resposibilty of authorities to think serious about that. Why are unable to catch the reason behind the childrens rape. I am sure darkweb is big reason behind this. We should solve this problem. These kind of people are realy dangerous for every kind of community.

Are you saying the Catholic Church have been run by dark web for 100's years before the invention of the Internet? 

The truth is, "dark web" is just anything that's not listed by google.

There's nothing special about it. 

It is also being monitored by authorities the same way normal internet is. 

And finally, Child rape is not increasing so much to "blame" anything but the rapist themselves and their decisions. 


Absolutly yes, thanks to the use of encryption and anonymization tools by users and websites, enforcement at the Dark Web level is almost non-existent. In other words, everything, even content that goes well beyond the limits of good taste and common decency, is available online: offensive and illegal content reserved for adults who can mark the viewer for life. The notion of Dark as a safe haven for privacy has limits and reinforces the idea that if you choose to immerse yourself in your bowels, do not forget to restrict access to your Tor compatible device so that children or d other family members are unlikely to come across anything they should never see. Check out the Deep Web, if you wish, but do yourself a favor: do not let the kids come near and be cautious because the Dark Web can go a long way.



I think, It is not a possibility, it is a certainty... 

Underage porn and prostitution continues to go on unchecked ever since it has been banned from main net. There are all kind of perverts sitting there who pay huge money from this kind of stuff.

Dark web is huge and main net is quite small compared to it. You can even buy weapons on dark web, if you have enough money.