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How has technology changed our lives?
Technology is very powerful and nothing is as good as technology at improving life. Even though this is both good on paper and on the surface there are drawbacks to this. Technology can affect life both positively and negatively. New technology always changes our life very much and takes it to a new level.

How technology has changed our lives is discussed:

Introduction: Throughout the stone, copper, Iron Age, today's human society has recognized the age of technology as a whole. Technology is at the root of the current development of human civilization. Technology is a prominent contributor to human civilization. The contribution of technology to human welfare is very extensive. Life's constant companion.

What is technology : In a word, the technique is special knowledge; the technique is called knowledge of examinations, audit, observation and systemic knowledge. The origin of technology as a special knowledge from the absence of humanity. The technology has broken our superstition, superstition. The technology has given us the pace.

Technology in civilization: One invention leads to civilization. Today's modern civilization actually contributes to technology. In addition to the significant issues of the current civilization, there are the technology.

Technology in human life: The role of technology in human life is immense. In modern times, technology is deep in life with life. People are using technology for the sake of creating. Human beings are continuously pursuing the technology. Technology is the ever new resource. All these resources give rise to the speed of the people;

Science in everyday life: People have used technology for the happiness and convenience of their daily lives. The process has made life easier in our field of communication, medical field, poisoning.

Conclusion: The widespread use of technology is now around. The necessity of technology in undivided life is undeniable. The expansion of the technology is for the sake of humanity.


It is known to all that this modern and civilized world is the gift of technology. Wherever we can see all the things are invented by technology.

Technology makes our life easy and comfortable. Everyday technology tries to do something for our welfare. No body knows where the invention of technology will stop.

The first invention of technology is electricity. Electricity made our life easy and comfortable. It is a great source of energy. Radio, tv, computer, fan, light all works through the power of electricity.

Technology has brought a revolutionary change in the field of medical science. Once which diseases can not be solved, now those are easily solved through technology. Many developed machines are build for solved many fetal diseases.

Technology has also performed well in the field of agriculture. In present a lots of crops can be gained by using the invention of technology. Once people's need to do a lot of hard work in order to get more crops but now very easily people can get a lots of crops.

Most of us do a lots of hard works everyday. So, we need refreshments for removing our triedness. Tv, radio, computer and so on, were made by the help of technology. We can refresh our self by setting before a tv or radio or computer.

Technology has also invented many vehicles for our comfortable. Now we can easily travel 100 kms within a low time. Buses, cars, bikes are the invention of technology.

So, it can be said that technology has changed our lives by many ways.


Internet, darknet, robots, smart phones ... Technology has greatly benefited us as a whole and also considerably improved our standard of living.


Technology is everywhere and in all forms, from the robot-mixer to everything from satellite videoconferencing, to geographical location, home automation and 3D printing.

Technology has allowed us to discover and be informed about the rest of the world. Thanks to technology, communication time between two people is reduced. Today, communication between different countries is almost instantaneous.

As there are advantages, there would also be the negative effects of technology, especially an erosion of our faculties of concentration. The famous physicist Albert Einstein feared: "I fear the day when technology will take precedence over human exchanges. The world will have a generation of idiots. "

This alteration may lead to difficulties in comprehension, memorization, learning, language and self-control.

Another disadvantage of the technology is pollution. Many technologies pollute the environment in one way or another. Computers are hard to recycle; Cars produce CO2; the industry pollutes nature. In addition, we have become very dependent on technology, to a point where we can not do without it.

More work done by robots means less work for people. The human becomes more and more obsolete.

Finally, technologies are present in our daily lives and they will continue to surprise us by the quality and speed of its functions. However you have to be careful not to let technology control your life.


Technology has modified our lives in an exceedingly} very broad manner. you'll be able to simply think about your routine. you employ such a lot of gadgets in your day to day life. one amongst them is that the smartphone you would possibly be holding in your hand good currently. From the card to email, SMS to chatting, from taking photos to sharing photos, from booking a cab to finding a building, from offline social network to on-line social network, from book of facts to Wikipedia, from sticky notes to your todos, the list is long.

Think of a scenario few years past wherever somebody has to head to the flying field for his or her flight and you're unavailable to drop them. confiscate your phone, book a cab and among minutes the cab are going to be at the doorstep and you'll be able to track their route live so you'll be able to be assured that they reach safe and on time. currently when they reach to their destination there square measure loads of services obtainable to urge in contact with them. you'll be able to simply video decision them and you'll desire they're ahead of you, albeit they're in another state or country. It had created the space smaller. There square measure such a lot of examples.