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What are the causes that make a relation strong?
One question was that about causes which reasons about relations die. This one is about building the relations. What are your views?

Communication and respect are key, but emotional maturity is most important.

Always communicate. Communication is one of the most important things in any relation, especially between lovers. Communication is the thing that takes away doubts, incertainties, grieves and annoyances. Communication is also the thing that tells the other you love your partner, that you care about your partner and that you want to be with your partner.

Communication and respect need to go hand in hand. Otherwise, communication can become a weapon.

So respect is the other part of the foundation to build a relationship upon.Always respect your partner, always treat your partner with the utmost respect. A relationship where one of both partners doesn't feel respected, is bound to fail.

Respect means, treating your partner with respect. Respect in a relationship means, also treat yourself with respect, and make sure your partner treats you with respect. A relationship where you respect your partner, but your partner totally disrespects you is an unhealthy relationship.

When both you and your partner have reached emotional maturity, you will no longer need your partner, but you will be with him/her because you want to. You realize that your partner is not responsible for your happines, but you are. That way, you are not demanding or needing anything from your partner, but you will only give to yourself, and to eachother.

So to conclude: respect and communication will bring you long way in any relationship, and emotional maturity will lift it to a higher level.


Causes of sturdy Relationships Not with Sweet guarantees, however Enough six This commitment

1. devoted so the value is dead, however mutual respect will create your relationship stronger

Loyalty is clearly the most pillar in relationships. however if solely devoted capital while not mutual respect, it's tough to measure. It's useless and he takes care of every other's hearts if later when meeting you, you do not respect one another in person. Your relationship are fragile within despite the fact that it's sturdy from the surface due to the maintained loyalty.

2. once yearning is sorrowful, certify you promise to treat one another. It's as straightforward as spoken communication how-do-you-do by phone at the hours of darkness

Dating while not yearning is bland. however the continued entreaty is simply a waste of your time. after you square measure hit yearningly, certify there's continually the way to treat one another. It does not continually need to be met, if so some time and activity aren't potential. simply salutation one another by phone at the hours of darkness was fine. As long as you're able to treat your yearning.

3. attempt to continued along, despite the fact that being bored and bored should be felt

You World Health Organization are chemical analysis for a protracted time, should have felt bored and bored. after you feel bored, it's not not love any longer. however you 2 solely would like a bit pause within the relationship. once this dissatisfaction and tedium hit, you committed to continue along. This commitment is after all totally different between one partner and another partner. There square measure people who prefer to pause for a minute with no meeting for a few time, some still meet however scale back the intensity of communication through chat or phonephone. what's necessary, there's a disposition to remain along amid the dissatisfaction that comes whack.

4. You and he conjointly have to be compelled to have a commitment to still keep step, once one among you feels tired

Establishing relationships isn't simply continually running aspect by aspect. Nor square measure they equally battling the conclusion of relationships. so you and he have to be compelled to be committed to still keep step, once one among you starts feeling tired. as a result of walking on 2 legs are easier than alone, right?

5. do not simply create him a beau. create his figure the most effective partner in managing the long run

Indeed, currently you and him square measure still within the stage of chemical analysis. however it does not hurt to create her figure over a beau. so as for the link to be additional intimate and stronger, you'll be able to think about it to be a partner in living relationships. By considering it to be a life partner, you'll be able to discuss, exchange ideas till you're spoiled.


I think you meant, 'what are the factors that make a relationship strong.'

In my opinion, these factors below are essential in building a strong relationship:

Effective communication between partners. Talk about every and anything. Get to know the person you love, appreciate their life and understand where they are coming from, the challenges they've faced and their hopes and dreams. This solidifies the love and respects you have for them.

Avoid third-party interference. For your relationship to work, you need to create boundaries and avoid too many external inputs. Have a mind of your own and do what's best for your relationship. Many relationships have failed because the people involved let other people have a say in their relationship.

Trust. This is vital to every relationship. You must trust each other and give each other the benefit of a doubt even in a difficult situation. A relationship where there is no trust is a breeding ground for conflict.

So, in a nutshell, a relationship works when both parties are willing to work together. Like they say, when there is a will there will be a way. No matter how difficult things might seem to do, if both parties are willing to see things through it will work and their bond will grow even stronger.


I called my best-friend, Rabab, this week to tell her that we aren't taking good care of our relationship. She didn't answer; I left her a voicemail.

Relationship entities are built on a foundation of trust, respect, mutual regard, and the desire for the entity to thrive. To create an enduring, rewarding, and ever-expanding relationship experience requires five things:

1. Consistency. Relationships blossom with regular contact and they starve without it. Make an effort to maintain a consistent connection. It doesn't have to be taxing or time-consuming to do this. Technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected. Send texts, emails, Skype, facetime, call when you can, or go way out-of-the-box and send a handwritten card. Feed and nurture the entity and it will grow and support you.

2. Reciprocity. Mutually satisfying and enduring relationships are a give and take. In no moment will the giving and taking be balanced and this is wonderfully normal. If one person is experiencing a challenge they may be receiving a great deal more than they are giving, but in its totality there's a rough balance. The pendulum of support given and received must swing in both directions. If you have a relationship in which you typically do all of the talking and really don't know what's happening in the other person's life, choose to listen more, be more interested and focused on the other person. The number one complaint I receive from people contemplating ending a relationship: there's no reciprocity

3. Reliability. Can your relationships count on you to be there when they need you? A person who can count on you to be there and to follow through on what you say you will do is far more likely to become emotionally intimate, open, and to be there for you. Stability and reliability are primary drivers of good relationships.

4. Mom-like love. Don't confuse this with motherly love - the kind that causes you to behave maternally toward someone. Mom-like love endures even when things go wrong. It fearlessly tells you the truth because it knows the relationship cannot be destroyed. It's unconditional love with a fierce commitment to speak up when it feels you're headed for trouble. Every secret is safe and nothing is off-limits. Mom-like lovers are willing to disapprove of your choices, express it, and continue loving you.

5. Conflict resolution ability. Conflicts and disagreements are an inherent part of life and relationships. Every relationship has them and it's entirely normal. The thing that predicts the success and endurance of a relationship is the strength of the participants conflict resolution skills. In strong relationships, the parties keep sight of the whole - they see more than the issue at hand. They recognize the value of the relationship and refuse to allow any conflict to threaten it. They focus on what the other person means to them, work to share their point of view, to listen and stand in the shoes of the opposing view to understand it better. They show up, put their ego aside, and are willing to work to find a way for both people to feel heard. They practice love even when they are angry. They know that shutting down, punishing and/or withholding communication is punitive and permanently damages a relationship's foundation.

Rabab called me back, I wasn't home. She left me a voicemail agreeing that we need more consistency. We've been friends for twenty-five years and would lay our lives down for each other. It takes conscious care and effort to nurture enduring bonds, yet few things matter more.


Do not blame: Do not blame each other in any respect. If the other wrongly makes a mistake, try to correct it. But also very consciously. Because you can give a different message to other people.

Giving enough time to each other: To maintain a love relationship, what we hope for the most from each other is its important time. How much time is spent with each other is very important.

Do not memorize love: Before that you were involved in any other. Remember that word is not good to say old words. It should not be compared to the present relationship with the former. This habit is very harmful for your current relationship

Do not compare to others: 'It's good to have that habit, and that job is very good, its use, behavior is very good', so it is better not to compare one with another without a reason.


Compatibility, trust, and mutual love.


Heavy, Complicating ... over-theorizing ... There is no strong or weak relationship ... there are balances that are made and who hold or not in time.

Living things and being carried away is so much simpler than this indigestible magma theorizing what is not formalized, a relationship, there is no good or bad relationship ...

If one sticks to what is written one has the impression that only exceptional beings manage to live this experience, and that all the others are in the "mediocrity", the bad ones, the failures, or the idiots who confuse love and attachment, shabby ...

Well yes, many relationships are compromises or we do not always respect the essence of the other, and sometimes we are jealous or unstable, or just physically attracted, or not madly in love, sometimes see sex-friends long term.

It's not fusional, it's not perfect ... it's not simple, the sex comes first and after chance feelings or vice versa ... no rules, just a principle it must be fluid, light, accepted ... and it does not matter if there is a confusion between love and the feeling of the beginning ... at least it is lived experience of life. Not a nauseating introspection of how to be in love, as if there was one.

But to choose between never being accompanied or poorly accompanied, many choose the second option. Simply because it is better to have lived and regretted than never to have lived, hoping for a perfect chimerical relationship that will never come, so to not be alone we do not live and we do not do what is written in this article, because we can wait for endless years before reaching it, if by a miracle it happens one day.