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How should I deal with Stress?
Sometimes it's hard to escape ffrom stress. There are moments that I can't deal with it. There are moments as well that I do not understand why I am stressed and demotivated. Please share your coping mechanism for stress, I badly need it. You thoughts is highly appreciated.

Stress is a force or pressure on our minds and body usually caused by life's difficulties. The causes of stress are multi-factoral. For some, it is work related. Having to meet strict deadlines, this may lead to having to work late into the night for many days. Other causes could be family relationship resulting from dealing with stubborn children, couples misunderstanding, relationship with neighbours and other family members. Another major cause of stress is the inability of someone to pay a lingering debt or settle mortgage.

Unemployment too is a serious reason why a lot of people stress. Imagine sending your child to school through various stage from primary through the university with the expectation that you soon would be free from the burden of having to fend for them, yet they find it difficult to get a job or at least a good paying job. That's stress on Its own. It's worse off if you had to pay your fees through school by yourself.

Other causes of stress are increased crime rate in the society. It's become normal to not expect people to do good to others for fear of being attacked in the process. People have become cold towards helping others, like stranded strangers in the street often times because some in the past turned out to be criminals. Traffic jam is another big stress related factor. In Nigeria for instance, the situation is so acute in some parts like Lagos state. The time people ought to have spent resting after a very tiring day at work or businesses, they spend it on the road as a result of hold up. This has often time resulted in anger and impatience among drivers and passengers who lash out abuses on each other.

For most men, their cause of stress is lack of money. When there's need and there's no money to meet that need. Bills to pay, children school fees, family upkeep and much more. It affects a man's ego as he gets infuriated over petty things. Family gathering becomes like a funeral because he has so much weighing him down. No fun time with kids and wife. It's even worse off if he has a wife who doesn't understanding or supports but keep comparing him with other men his mates who are doing better.

The problems that results from stress are as numerous as the causes of stress in itself. Stress related Challenges have caused a lot of health problems for many. Other problems resulting to stress are insomnia and appetite loss. Some persons have developed sleeping disorders as a result of stress. They either do not sleep at all at night or wake up suddenly after short minutes to few hours. They toss here and there on the bed but find it hard to return to sleep. It's easy to see these kind of people looking like day time zombies. Baggy eyes, numerous lines across the fore head and lot more. Some others lose their appetite when they are stressed. I think I fall into this category. Food becomes unappealing even when you're hungry, you don't even see the need to eat when there are matters bothering your mind.

Stress cannot be controlled as people stress everyday over little things but it can be managed. No matter how bad the situation might be, it can be handled. I'll show you how below.

1. Identify the root cause of your stress. Discovering the cause of your stress is the first step towards Its management. Find out what is stressing you, giving you a cause for concern or worry. Haven identified the problem, you can then take the correct measures to tackle that problem. If your stress is conflict related, talk to the people involved and resolve the conflict so you can have your peace of mind. Make peace with your neighbours. Don't bottle the problem inside. Talk to someone about it. Maybe your stress is from your spouse because you're not providing enough for the family. Let them know how you feel about their reaction towards this problem and tell them to give you the time it would require to get back to balance so you'd be a better breadwinner. If the situation is beyond you, involve someone else who can help you talk to whom it may concern so you don't lose your sanity.

2. Set yourself free. Yes, you have to be creative and innovative. It's a shame that our university these days instead of focussing on training students and producing graduates who would be job givers have done the opposite. Most graduates are after white collar jobs because of the mentality that their certificate entitles them to a job. Graduates leave school hoping to get government Jobs meanwhile the government is not working towards new establishment that would create an avenue for these people.

As a youth, when you kill the job seeking mentality, you must have dealt with stress that comes from this end. Don't become dependent on government or anyone. Some had Uncles who In the past promised would offer assistance to them in this regards but when the time came, they disappointed. Help yourself. While studying, also acquire a skill. Obtain soft loans and grants to help you establish yourself. I know a lot of persons in Nigeria who are living big not on their certificate as graduates but on the skill they acquired. You can do same for yourself no matter how little it seems. There's always a beginning. Even though you may be walking slowly, don't stand still.

3. Get some food and rest. Stress can affect your body's natural defense system but eating the right food and taking proper rest can help with some relief. This is not the time to start feeding on just anything. There are foods that help reduce stress. Some of them are turmeric, salmon, eggs, meat and diary products, citrus, banana, green tea and yoghurt. Take balanced meals. Cold shower too can help ease stress. More importantly, take your time to sleep. Sleep has a way of healing us and getting us refreshed thus helping our minds to function at its best. Stress is not managed with drugs but symptomally. If you need to see a psychologist, please do. Diamphramatic (repeated breathing in and out) exercises too helps let out stress. Everyone in life has some problems that weighs them down but to different degrees. Control your problem. Don't let it drown you. Don't bottle up stress or it will begin to kill you slowly.


I think pretty much all people would say they experience stress on a daily, if not practically constant, basis. Whether it's work related, health or family issues, or even just wondering whether that credit card bill you mailed will make it before the deadline, our society has turned stress into a chronic everyday event.

Bad news -- stress can kill! That sounds like a terrible overstatement, but it's true if you think about it. Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia ... and the list goes on.

Good news -- there are ways to combat stress and bring it down to manageable levels. 

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Here are a few of my favorites for stress management:

Identify your triggers: This one makes sense to me, it's the whole "knowing is the first step" principle in action.

Aromatherapy: I think smell really can relax you. I feel instantly better when I walk into my apartment after a long day at work and smell the new air freshener I forgot I'd replaced that morning. It's those little things that can really help, even if it is just a little "apples and cinnamon" floating from the kitchen.

Aerobic exercise: For me it's not so much during the workout, but immediately afterwards. I feel much better, and it's almost like once I've worked out I've got full permission to relax, guilt-free, the rest of the day.


Hi Zohana,

I'm sorry to hear that you are so stressed.

The bad thing is that we all get super stressed at one time or another, but the good thing is that it always passes.  It might not feel like it, but you won't be stressed forever... it will absolutely pass.

There are some short term coping mechanisms and some long term mechanisms.

Short term:

You'll need to work out what works best for you... but things like a hot bath with some  lavender oil, or watching a comedy movie, or going for a walk at a peaceful location, or maybe even getting out of town for a short break... if you're able, maybe a trip to the forest or the beach where you can just surround yourself with nature and just decompress.

Long term:

I think it might be worth trying to work out why you're so stressed.  I know you said that you don't know why... but there might be something that makes you feel super anxious... a job you need to do or an event that you're not looking forward to.

If there is truly nothing going on that should be producing this much stress, then you might be having anxiety issues... which are super common and are very treatable.  It just means your body chemistry is off a bit... and you'll need to work with a professional to rebalance it.

I've got quite a lot of friends that have gone through something similar, and after seeing a professional, they had strategies and maybe medicine to help.

it might be as simple as recognising that the stress you're feeling is merely a chemical reaction, and that if you breathe through it, you'll come out the other side okay.  Things like counting, or just being mindful that you don't need to react to the stress might lessen it's power a little.

Otherwise... if there is something that is stressing you out, like an assignment or an event... it's easy to feel really overwhelmed.  Start by making a list of all the things you need to do, and list them from most important to least important. Recognise that you can only do so much in one day, but try and work on at least one thing per day until you're able to tick it off.

I really hope this has provided some help to you.  Don't be afraid to seek professional assistance... it's important to get this sorted so you can focus on other things.

I wish you the best of luck with this!


Whenever I feel stressed, I immediately stop everything I'm doing and rest. Rest doesn't exactly mean I sleep. I just stop every activity that involves mental work. Because most of the time, the stress emanates from excess mental activity on the brain. I relax, lie flat on my bed and try to sleep if I can, if not, I listen to cool soothing music that takes the stress away in no distant time.


I sleep or listen to music.


Stress can reach anyone. Whether it's old, young, male, female, school, or work. Even more difficult life challenges seem like endless. Are you one of them who is stressed? Cobain 9 easy and natural ways to relieve stress without sedation below!

1. Sensory play is useful to make you relax. Slime, squishy, ​​ping pong balls can be grasped when stressed

The method of holding the ball and rolling it in hand, has long been known as a stress reliever. If you don't like balls, you can use squishy or slime and play it. It feels trivial, but your hands that are stiff during use work will be more relaxed.

2. Washing is a positive activity that makes you alone. Doing it when stressed will calm you down.

Researchers from Florida State University examined 51 dishwashing students. The results they found, students who washed their dishes mindfully (focusing on the aroma of soap, feeling the temperature of the water, and touching eating utensils) raised feelings of inspiration to 25 percent. While nervousness dropped by 27 percent. Besides washing dishes, washing clothes manually can also reduce stress too!

3. Light games that increase brain power and have colorful graphics are also fun. As long as you don't choose one that makes you addicted

Many games that you can download from PlayStore. For the sake of eliminating stress, prioritize games with colorful graphics, not dark. Then the game is simple but only given a limited life potion before you play again a few hours later. For example Candy Crush Saga or Criminal Case.

4. Involve yourself in sports. If there isn't much time, you can jog or go up and down the stairs

Sport is a good source of escape when under stress. With exercise, all of your limbs are active. Inevitably, the brain will coordinate with body movements. Your source of stress will disappear from the mind.

5. Follow cute baby videos accounts or humor. Soon, you will laugh yourself.

Trust me! Read captions, see photos, and watch the videos make your spirit grow little by little.

6. Listen to music via a headset. Let you not hear the environment for a moment.

Being alone does need to be stressed. Let yourself not hear what the people around you say and judge first. Your brain needs to be a moment so you can then think clearly. Listening to music via a headset will make you enjoy music completely. Not infrequently, your head will shake and your body will follow its rhythm.

7. Drinking water will refresh your brain, as well as heat in the chest.

Not often when stressed, there is an overwhelming feeling that makes you want to be angry. Drinking lots of water is not only good for your health. You will feel more calm and refreshed in your brain. The hot chest cools.

8. Compress the eyelids with cotton dipped in water or cucumber. The sensation makes you relax.

Similar to one part of a facial, providing wet cotton or cucumber will cause calm sensation on the face. Not infrequently, you can fall asleep afterwards. When opening your eyes, everything becomes Fresher and more fit.

9. A short nap of 15 minutes you will forget the things that make you inflamed.

If you don't want to be half hearted, napping is the right way to relieve stress. If you want to take a nap, just 15 minutes to get rid of your tiredness and burden. But don't forget to meet your night's sleep needs.

Good luck!