Do you think Manchester city can go all the way without losing a match this season even with DeBruyne injury?

Manchester city are currently infallible and at the moment they're playing the football of their lives however if you ask me it's only been what? 12 matches played this season in the English premier and I think there is like almost 27 matches more to play, their tactics is definitely working they are shooting from outside the box as scoring teams last weekend we saw them demolish a team 6 goals to 1 and it's definitely getting better for them.

However I can categorically say but they can never do the invincible of the  Arsenal team that played in 2004 under Arsene wenger in the BPL, even with the man Kevin de bruyne I still see city losing close to three matches before the end of the campaign they are still here to play some tricky teams I think they're still yet to play chelsea and I think they can never win the two matches home and away against chelsea in the long run their tactics are going to be found out and overconfidence will set in although they are the favourites to win the Epl but you can never rule out a liverpool who they are yet to play in the second leg and you can never rule out a chelsea who are dark horses in the offing.

Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that man city struggles when their midfield its not balanced we saw this when kevin de bruyne was out and I think the belgium maestro we have some of the times on the sideline in a nutshell football has evolved and is no longer 2004 so I definitely think city will lose close to 2 or 3 matches before the end of the campaign


I don't think so. At some point in the season, they will lose their form. Football is changing. It is almost impossible for any team to keep an investing record for an entire season. And this Manchester city team still have loopholes to exploit.