What is most important between Money and love in marriage?

This kind of question is quite difficult to answer explicitly because basically, both are in different domains. Love is more refer to emotional, non-physical, and invisible. However, you cannot deny the awesome effects of love. Love makes you able to move a mountain - however big the mountain is?.

But it all depends on your condition. Whatever your choice, people can guess in what kind of conditions you are now. If you are bankrupt, of course you want more money. But, when you are in abundant condition, then love is what you will choose.

The power of love is so powerful that Bandung Bondowoso is able to manifest the demand to build 1,000 temples overnight because of the power of love. Likewise with the story of Sangkuriang.Love has a big positive impact, especially for those of you who are in the midst of chaos and despair.

Have someone special, who you can rely on, trust, and care about. Vice versa, he cares about you, it's no less important than money. If you and your lover love each other, this world feels so beautiful.

But we also cannot deny that some say that to fall in love and be loved requires capital (lots of money). This is also true. Because of the fact, love cannot buy a house, buy food for a wife's child, clothes for a lover, send a child to school, or have a romantic dinner at a dream restaurant. What is the use of love if it can't be happy for the people we love, whether just taking a walk or buying a gift? Not to mention preparation in old age (old age savings).

Not surprisingly, many couples divorce because the basic needs of the household are not met. In fact, all of them married because be based on and began with a deep sense of love.

And when we talk about time span, love goes beyond money. The story of people who work hard to get rich will be missed in historical records. But, who doesn't know the Taj Mahal and fairy tales about Romeo and Juliet? Until any time, people will remember the building and be inspired by a story like Romeo and Juliet. Love brings you to eternity. But money only brings you to the present condition.

The biggest effect of money is that it can make love last longer. Money can be a magnet for love itself. Then, does that mean there is no such thing as true love? 

If we want to think clearly by using common sense, true love is heralded more by writers where whose most romantic lives in the real world are messy.

Love does require capital, and one of the most basic capital in a love relationship is money. If you reject this thing, chances are you are more suitable to live in ancient times rather than today, where money is still not found and daily necessities can be fulfilled by hunting and cultivating perfunctory.

However, the happiness given by love is eternal in nature. Money can only provide happiness temporarily. Once you don't hold the money in hand, what can you get? Money is just a piece of paper or a piece of coin in hand. Whatever amount of money you have, it does not guarantee you will be happy until the end of your life.

Now, just imagine that you currently have money, then you can get love with money, then maybe finding love without getting greedy for money? The choice goes back to you, true happiness which is love, or temporary happiness is money?

However, you cannot deny that money is very valuable in a marriage. It's just that, it cannot be denied that by having money you can buy everything, where you will be rewarded for what you have. People will judge what you have. Do you have nothing? People will avoid you. You can't deny that people today have more appreciation for those who have wealth.

Materialism is very closely related to money. Ownership is the fruit of materialism. But, do you really like people's appreciation just because you have lots of luxury items, luxury homes, good cars and other luxury items that no one else has? That is not true appreciation, nor true sympathy. If you want to know who people or friends who love you, still want to hang out with you, then you have to pretend to be poor. There you can see who really loves you when you fall into poverty.

If you want to know who is truly happy with being and interacting with you, then show yourself as a poor person. Money cannot buy awards, but love is a manifestation of true appreciation.

Let's return to the above questions, money and love are two different parts of a happy and fulfilling life. Both are part of the wealth. 

Total of our lives which consists of three equal but independent components:

1) economy 

2) social 

3) intellectual.

We use these three parts to meet physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Money is part of economic wealth, while love is part of social wealth. Both are equally important for our lives. Without money and without love, we cannot live.

Hopefully my answer is useful.



Love and money is two very different thing. Those two can not be compared in any means. But This two also comes first in our mind when we say the work-Marriage. And this also plays vital role to choose a partner. Taking the wise decision is very tough when it comes to the vital term- marriage.

For me, both have different value. And lacking any of it would create different situation. I think the wise thing to do to choose between the two is - ask yourself what you need most in your life?

No other person in the world can give you the right choice between love and money. It depends only on you. A person can know his desire. And this choice differ from person to person for this reason.

I can say that, in a relationship there are many ups and downs. Love does not work best in all situation. And also money can not solve every problem in a relationship. As people comes from different background with different life choices and demand. So it varies. But it would be wise to choose 'love' over money for many reasons. The best one is for me - 'You can earn money but can not earn love no matter how much money you expend.'

But we have to approve that money has a vital role in marriage and we can not neglect it when it comes to spend our life with someone else. It would be a great combination if you find. But as it doesn't easy always so be wise to your decision. 


Honestly I know alot of people will say love is the most important and if I had to choose between them i'd go with love, but I believe that both of them are actually very important in marriages.

A wise friend of mine once told me that "love is not enough to maintain a relationship", much less a marriage and that's because no matter how much you guys love each other, you need to earn a living because you're expected to take care of each other as well as raise a family and love isn't going to do that, money is.

It's easy to say that love is all a marriage needs to survive but people forget that regardless of how much you guys love each other you're still going to need to eat and when there's no money in a family and its because the breadwinner can't provide it, it breeds resentment amongst the parties involved.

I don't know about other countries, but I can tell you that a man who doesn't being in enough money to properly take care of his family or his wife at least is almost certainly going to receive alot of criticism from his wife and that will lead to hatred and distrust between them which will ultimately lead to infidelity on one person's part or generally lead to the end of the marriage.

Yes love is important and ideally anyone who loves you will love you for who you are not how much you have, but most people in this 21st century will want to remain in a marriage that's defunct of money. Maybe it would have been ok in the past, but not in this time and age.

I hope this helps.


Some people may be of the view that there is nothing money can not buy. I guess they are right to some extent but not in all cases because there are some valuable and important things that can never be bought with money which is life and good loving home. If money is really the essence of marriage, I don't think we should have broken homes and divorces occurring in some filthy rich (wealthy) people houses.

I believe love is mostly important in marriage because true love develops the strong relationship in the home after marriage. This is why you will see some poor people living very happily and contented when it comes to their matrimonial lives compared to some rich people who later end up divorcing themselves.

When there is true love between the couples, life becomes easier and lovely because of the great moments one will encounter. True love never dies in marriages but when marriage is done based on money, it can lead to so many hazardous moments in one's life.

In conclusion, I recommend you marry whom you are in love with for whom they are and not for the money. You may find it very difficult to have a long lasting relationship if true love is absent in the equation. It will be more nice and lovely if there is money to back up the true love as this will make the marriage more interesting and spicy(sweet) 😊.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Both of them are important.

Love is important, because there's no peace without love. If there's no love in the marriage then it is bound to fail.

Money is also important. Marriage is not to be endured but to be enjoyed. So money is needed to spice the love in other for the marriage to be enjoyed.

Therefore, both are very important coupled with the fear of God to have an over whelming marriage till eternity.


Although I know these Two factors must be considered heavily, I think Love is the most important first of all. I have seen families where the couples stick to each other through thick and thin and they still happened to be among the rich people in my state. Not all marriages begin with being financially stable, but with patience, hard work, patience and understanding they find out that they grow in a short while. Without love, no progress is made in marriage.

My advice to single guys is that they should consider the means of which there will be taking care of the family before they take a girl down the aisle.

Thank you.


A lot of things...trust, reliability, happiness, health, the same wavelength, good talks, humour, warmth.


Love alone cannot keep a marriage, there are other factors that needs to be considered, money is one of the most important as it kinda controls most of the other factors, people respect money, so a wife would surely respect her husband if he is rich...

Love is sweet when there is money, a relationship of love without money can work but when talking of marriage, it can't work, no matter how they love each other, one of the two parties will default, most especially the ladies, they have no tolerance with a poor husband, there would be no respect in such family and there would always be fight...


It seems to me that my personal case can illustrate how much money does not make happiness, and to what extent one can be persuaded otherwise. Because this is the paradox: having money never completely meets our need for more and more.

until a year ago, my wife was an executive in business. She earned more than me, and we had a comfortable life with our two children. But the only problem was a paradox: I led a crazy life, my wife too, who in addition to the job, she took care of cooking, cleaning, children. And all our money was spent in expensive holidays to recover from the constant stress. And here is the vicious circle put in place: being stressed to earn money, to win to de-stress.

She decided to leave her job, to live on her passion, music. She earns much less, but the family has found its balance: I always take care of the house, but she shares with me, she sees more our children, she invests in funds in her new professional life. we realize that we can live, without having to pay for nights of hotels, massage sessions to finally find no balance!

We make less money, and it's worth gold!


This is really a great question you have just asked.

I will say love is far far important than money in relationship. With the presence of love in homes or between couples, it can bring money. But without love, money can not bring love.

So I will prefer love to money as love is the most important thing in marriage.