How do you think I can change from an Antisocial introvert to an extrovert or social being?
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Being an introvert isn't a sin and it does not mean that you are anti-social in any way.

In terms of introvert you are pretty much selective and most of your decision is not like a throw away. You can enjoy your life being very limited to social side of this world. Most of the sociality now-a-days lives on internet which is an invisible entity so don't stress yourself up if you are bothered about internet social life. 

In personal life, I will recommend you to give yourself sometime and understand your surrounding. To clear this view more, I am an introvert and my friends are countable and I fully trust on them. I left many friend company just for the sake of my values because they have a effect on you and how you think. 

How you can start to become a social?

  • Understand the context and surrounding.
  • Don't throw away yourself just to be social
  • Be selective even if someone says you mean or cheap
  • Understand the people and your level of interest
  • Stop social chatting and engage in physical life
  • Go on, have some fun and celebrate
  • Share your moments and be transparent
  • Countable friends are of greater value than having a lot of passers
  • Trust others and believe in yourself
  • Being introvert isn't bad, it just enjoying in your limits.

 I dont think that would be something that is easy to do as usually people are either introverts or extroverts. this is usually a built in trait that a person has since birth. We can't force out introverted selves to be extrovert. well, I think it's cool to be an introvert. Occasionally, if we need to socialize then, we participate in the particular activity, it would be good enough.

Extroverts are people who need others to be survive. Having people around them makes them complete but they can't be alone like an introverted person does. The first thing i think we've got to ask our self is whether we love to hang out around people or not? if you do, maybe you got that extroverted personality that hasn't been explored. 

Introverted people are thinkers. I am somewhat of a hybrid. I used to be super shy and never spoke to anyone unless asked but slowly once I got to work, and had presentations at university, I had to force my self to speak and participate as there were lots of marks for those who participated. After graduating from university, I had accidentally become a lecturer and a teacher for many years. My voice came out. I still however prefer to have that introverted part in me. I like to sit there and think. It's something that I love to do usually as I think. I find fun in reading. 

Occasionally, i go out and socialize with my friends to make sure I still have those remaining few friends in my life. The advice I can give is, embrace you personality and just be who you are and let it flow naturally. 

I'm only speaking for myself when I say:

"Through the eye's of an introvert, the world seems rather tumultuous, and confusing most of the time."

But.. This is a gift, and I've always viewed it as a curse. 

Introverts, more often than not, have the ability to see things, or rather, understand things on a much deeper level than the average person. This I believe to be very true, based on my own interactions with the world, and how I perceive.

Things aren't as black and white as we would like to believe, and perception is quite fickle, in general terms. 

I recommend the introverted individual embark on the journey of understanding oneself, through introspective observation, and nothing more. Remove judgement, and observe. You will be surprised the effect this has, mostly in a positive way. 

I don't adhere to terms such as "isolation", and "antisocial', because these are generalized terminologies cut from the same mold, of a "one size fits all mindset", and extroverts tend to quickly slap these labels on us. Hey, it's totally fine, and I don't let it bother me anymore, because being alone does not bother me, being inside my own mind, does not bother me, and it also allows me to find the peace that is not possible when I'm around people constantly. To free yourself of the labels imposed upon you, in a way where you lack the connotation of "burden of guilt", you start to become "liberated". 

To put this in simpler terms. Extroverts like to impose their will onto you, and make you feel guilty or wrong for being a loner. Simply dismiss this, and it will bother you less. Extroverts love introverts. We have a sort of magnetism which attracts the extrovert, and I don't know why, but I've become better at disconnection from the over imposing extroverted type. 

I've taken the Briggs/Myers personality test, 3 years in a row now, to confirm what I thought was likely a mistaken personality profile, mostly due to it's rarity. It's hard to argue with the same results 3 years in a row however. Over time, I've come to embrace it, as well as derive a great deal of value out of what it entails. 

This personality is called the INFJ


Commonly referred to as "The Advocate", this personality is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, but if you don't understand yourself, it's pretty likely you will suffer from some inner turmoil, in my opinion, based off of my own life trials and tribulations. 

INFJ's have what most would consider high morality, and tend to be diplomats. These type's derive a great deal of fulfillment out of helping others, and will tirelessly exhaust their own energy for the betterment of others lives. Let's look at some examples of historical figures, and celebrities who are INFJ's.

  • Nelson Mandela 
  • Martin Luther King
  • Oprah Winfrey 
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
  • Alanis Morissette 
  • Trent Reznor  
  • Plato  
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Just to name a few. For a more comprehensive list, check out this source:


If you would like to take the personality test yourself, to find out what type of introvert you are, this is the source that I have utilized myself, and find it to be rather straight forward, and easy to complete.


Now I will give you my personal take on your question:

"How do you think I can change from an Antisocial introvert to an extrovert or social being?"

I don't believe you can. You can try, but this is exhaustive, and I honestly don't see it as "possible", in the sense that it will be forced, and not natural. It will hold you back from your true potential, chasing conformity so to speak. 

What you can do, is embrace what, and who you are, and with a bit of self discovery, you will understand what your purpose is, and how to focus your energy in productive ways for the betterment of yourself, and society. 

I don't recommend trying to force extroversion. It's a battle that will leave you exhausted, and feeling untrue to yourself. 

Good luck with your person journey. 

I hope this answer was helpful. 

First, it would be important to note that it is almost difficult to automatically switch from an introvert to an extrovert. Being an introvert isn't a bad thing. Infact, research has it that most of the big brains are introverts. This is because they are being left alone to think up great ideas which they execute and make the world a better place. Although, having a little trait of extrovertedness isn't a bad thing but truth is, you cannot completely ignore your introverted side and become all extroverted all of a sudden. That being said, here are few steps to help you transit from an introvert to an extrovert.

  • Understand that you are an Introvert: Transiting from an introvert to an extrovert takes time. And in the process of this wait, a lot of introverts gets frustrated and give up trying. So, the first thing you should understand is that you are an introvert and will always be one. It's in your DNA and you can only shine brighter as an introvert but you can not completely abandon being an introvert.
  • Understand the Extrovertish Traits: If you want something, you need to know what it is to get it. You can't say you want something and not know exactly what that thing is. You must be able to understand and clearly identify an extrovert trait. Understand all the traits and patterns of an extrovert.
  • Practice: After you have understood those extroverts trait, then you should start by practicing them. Most of the traits will be completely opposite of what you already have and understand and so you will fail many times, but you must never give up practicing.
  • Make Friends With An Extroverts: Search out one who is an extrovert and make friends with them. Chances are, they will like to carry you along whenever they are going out and by so doing, you will also be more outgoing. Watch them, and learn from them. Do what they do so as to improve your extrovertish side.
  • Never Give Up: Truth be told, transiting from an introvert to an extrovert can be really hard. This is because, it's in our DNA and it's not possible to automatically overwrite a DNA. You will fail many times, you will feel, this is not the kind of life you should be living, you will feel lost but most importantly, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.

Cheers, to your success. JI

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Here is the thing , if you feel most comfortable being an introvert  it is completely fine , don't think you need to do something because its "not normal".

Now that is out of the way , if you still feel like you want to socialize more then by all means go for it. It's a numbers game , the more people you meet the more chances you have of having synergy with someone.

So put yourself in situations which require interaction in mid size groups 8-10 people and keep doing it for few months.

First off, I don't think humans divide neatly into introverts and extroverts. Most people are somewhere inbetween with more of a particular trait than the other.

That said, I think you can seek out your extrovert self. I'm not sure if you can fully change from one personality to the other.

What can help is understanding why you need to change. If it's to win social approval, you're doing it for the wrong reason and would tire out pretty soon.

If you feel you need to reach out to people, well, you don't exactly have to change who you are. That you're an introvert doesn't mean you can't have a social life. It's just less showy than extroverts.

Ultimately, if you're going to change, you'll need to understand your motivation and use that motivation to work at it. It's going to be hard at first as you'll always want to crawl back into your self. But with time, you might even discover that you're more extrovert than introvert

Brain injury.

Ha. Though seriously.

First of all: WHY do you want to change WHO YOU ARE?

And... is that ACTUALLY WHO YOU ARE, or merely a habitual behavior?

If you’re trying to change yourself, it’s probably a losing strategy - not only impossible, but disrespectful TO YOURSELF by denying yourself self-love and acceptance.

Though... it could be worth probing: have you just tended towards introverted tendencies as a consequence of some sort of coping mechanism that’s been used to deal with a trauma somewhere in your past. If THAT were the case, working on processing that all out could be a great step back towards a healthy introversion/extroversion balance.

And then, it may not be such a matter of “changing” yourself so much as ACTIVATING the more outgoing aspects of your character to draw upon, and/or becoming more skillful in channeling those extroverted energies you are desiring to experience more of. Thus, not denying and trying to change your core being, but growing the capacity for a broader spectrum of behavior to access when the time and place calls for it...


Well you can't really change. You are who you are. I'm introverted but not antisocial, so maybe this won't apply. But I would recommend working at an extremely asocial job, maybe in front of a computer screen doing data entry or something. This way, as an introvert, you should feel recharged at the end of your work day and able to enjoy a social life. You should also make friends with extroverted people who can help bring you out of your shell. I say this only because it has worked for me.

By  sheer will, or rather.

If you're convinced you should do it, you will do it.

Unless, your "antisocial" behaviors have clinical basis, you can just decide to change them.

Being introvert becomes an excuse to not engage,

you can literally push yourself to do social stuff, and at times, you will enjoy them, 

over time, get used to doing them.

You think you're an "introvert", but then you could talk for hours with a friend.

You think you're "antisocial", but you enjoy multiplayer games.

It is possible, that you're just socially lazy.

And being lazy, sure, breeds brilliant ideas, 

but it also keeps you from realization.

It is difficult to change your rabbits and behavior but the good thing is nothing is impossible in this world. Being Introvert person you don't know how to do socializing or you are a dumb person. It so only about your shyness and fear of unknown which makes you coward. You have to overcome over unkown fear and boost confidence. The best things to do for this purpose is to use social media as it is easy to interact with writing then speaking of you are introvert. This socializing will help you to become extrovert and increase your confidence in real life

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I used to dress my rabbits up in costumes and yes it was really difficult to change them as they would keep trying to hop while I dressed them. :)

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