How many comments do you get per post? Compared with the number of active users you follow, would you say your content is of any impact?

Very good question @nonsowrites and you got a lot of good answers as well. 

How many comments do I get per post? It depends, sometimes I get 5, sometimes 10 and other times 2 or three. Compared with the number of active users I follow, if my content is of any impact? I hope so, but content is not all. 

I've learned that engagement is the key here. You can have the best content and not get any comments. Also you can have like 50 comments if you are running a contest that requires a link in a comment with your participation post. Also you can get a bunch of comments hosting a giveaway. There comments are somehow generated by the giveaway or the contest prize. 

If you want real comments, you go out first and engage, comment on people's post and those people, if they are active and well educated, will come and comment on your content. That's how you build a community, a circle of friends and get real, valuable comments. 

You can get 10 - 15 meaningless comment at your posts left by spammers who are after some giveaway hosted by an app (allow me not to name any here), comments that mean nothing at all. And you can get 5 - 10 meaningful, constructive comments. 

How many people have I seen complaining about not getting any comments, blaming people of being lazy or not care, and when I went to check the user's comments, I see two or three comments left by him/her, usually to the same people. Waiting for comments is not going to bring you any. 

So I'd say engage and look at the quality of the comments, regardless of the numbers. 


Actually if I'm to calculate it averagely I'll definitely say I get close to 7 comments on my posts actually this comment definitely very from post to post sometimes there are different topics that interest people the more like for example if I asked about people opinion on the rise of steam and I blog about it then definitely I may get more feedback on such a content rather than when I write a self opinionated content that doesn't need peoples feedback I may get lesser than 4 comments and when I write an engaging content I may get close to 10 comments so when I calculate all this averagely I'll definitely say I get close to 7 comments on each of my blog post on steemit.

Actually I don't think the numbers of followers that the person may have can determine how far their blog post may go or how many altruistic or engaging comments or feedbacks they may get I have close to 2.2 k followers and out of these followers I only communicate with 15 or 16 and get feedback from like 10 the remaining accounts are hardly active and the rest of them are robots and abandoned accounts of probably lost password accounts.

of course I'll definitely say my contents make impact that is to the people that are actually interested in my niche i'm a prose and poetry writer and I also do videos as well and sometimes people relate more to my videos more than my prose and poetry writing this definitely means that they find more impact in my videos rather than my poems or they can relate more to my video contents because it is much more of a larger range and covers a bigger perspective rather than my narrow niche which only covers little range of people that are only interested in art.

as a result of steemit decentralization you have no way of determine how impactful your content is because people judge impact full content based on reward which is definitely wrong however you know that your content is impactful when u have feedbacks of people that are currently related to your niche this is the only way to judge how impactful your content is for me


I think on an average post, I probably get about 10 comments.  Compared to the number of users I follow and the number of users that are following me, that is probably pretty sad.  It is hard to grow a following, especially right now with the price of STEEM being so low.

Many people have decided to not be as active on the platform or they have given up on it all together.  

The content that I am putting out there may not be of impact to as many people as I wish it would, but it is absolutely of impact to me.

I don't just write for my followers, I write for myself as well.  Sometimes it can be therapeutic to tell a story or to get my opinion out there.  

I wish I got a ton more comments.  I wish that 80% of my time on the platform was spent replying to comments from people that are following my stuff.  That would mean I am really doing something right and I probably have enough followers to be making a pretty decent amount per post. 

Until then, I am just going to keep plugging away and doing what I do so that I can try to make an impact and be ready for when the prices do go back up.


In the past 30 days, I have produced 18 posts that have a total of 1621 comments.  Removing my replies leaves approximately 800 comments - 45 per post.

Instead of using the number of 'active' users I am following, I will use the 11304 following me.  2812 of these followers have made at least 1 comment in the last 30 days.

And so you could state that 45 comments / 2812 active followers is around 1.6% of my active follower base making a comment on each post.  As low as the number is, I suspect it is above average!

I used SteemSQL to construct my answer.

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I don't even know how many active followers I have. A small percentage of my followers are active. Like everyone, I have a lot of followers who are bots or spammers or have left the platform months ago. My content has some impact on the handful of people that read it. It's ok since I Steem is a substitute for mainstream social media use for me. I'm not aiming to become a well-known blogger. I suck at writing long-form "quality posts". Give me a blank screen and tell me to write a great piece and it will most likely end in frustration. 

Interaction in written form such as answering questions is a totally different ball game. I can spit out walls of text containing detailed information if I'm asked a question. I love informing people and giving them food for thought. It's not like I have nothing to say. I just can't get it out in an organized form if I'm looking at a blank screen.


I would say it is a very small percentage and average maybe 4 or 5 comments a post. I am happy with that and think that it is probably higher than average.

Most posts I see on the platform have one or two and they are thanking them for using bots and  don't really count. I think you are doing exceptionally well if you receive 10 or more comments but that would be rare or you have a strong following.

I have noticed since i have grown that I am picking up more followers but they haven't commented on posts yet. One or two have but time will tell if they will.

My content varies so much that I don't get bored and the Steemit posts seem to attract more comments. I suppose they can recognize what i am saying and could have an impact on what they are doing.


For my posts on Steemit, I only get 1 to 3 comments per post. Quite sad isn't it?

For my post at Steemhunt, I can get more. About 30-60 comments + upvotes every day, depending on how my product is hunted.

To be honest, I only have 90 people that I follow, and only around 500 active followers. Most comments and upvote also come from them. So, the next step I will do is to increase the number of my followers.